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30 Day Song Challenge: Day 4 – A Song That Reminds You Of Someone You’d Rather Forget

Today’s entry in the 30 Day Song Challenge invites us to share a song that reminds us of someone we’d rather forget. this one proved a bit of a conundrum for me, because while a great many songs remind of specific people, especially old lovers, I don’t want to *forget* any of them. Even the relationships that ended sadly, or badly, I don’t want to throw out the good parts.

So this isn’t really about any one person, but I was a weird, awkward kid, and I was picked on a lot the way weird, awkward kids are. And while I’ve made peace with some of those tormentors, others I’m just as happy to let slip into the haze of forgetfulness. all of this to say, Here’s my favourite performance of Janis Ian’s “At Seventeen”, featuring accompaniment by the great Tommy Emmanuel, recorded live at the Philadelphia Folk Festival a few years ago. Becuase it’s an awesome track, and even bad memories should have a great soundtrack.


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    • Laura Gallagher

      That song, oh yes. I was a weird and awkward too. Well, “was” isn’t the right word. I learned some desperate trades to offset it, but it was still … yeah.

  1. David Weingart

    Huh. This is a tough one. There are people I’d be happy to never think of again, but I don’t think they have any music associated with them (because, let’s face it, why would I want to associate horrible people with anything as cool as music)

  2. Jim Poltrone

    I’m with Rob. There are a few past girlfriends I’d prefer to forget (and one in particular), but I want to hang on to the good times, such as when we toured a lot of haunted houses in the area, and wore out her tape of White Zombie’s “La Sexorcisto: Devil Music Vol. 1” as we drove to them. I suppose it’s the kind of love you never recover from. C’est la vie. Regret is part of being alive. And so….

  3. Heather Munn

    I might have a complex; Freud and Jung would be so proud:

  4. Linda Walsh

    From the dark days of my first divorce, “Someone Saved My Life Tonight”

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