Astute readers will (and did) notice that in my haste to make sure I got yesterday’s post up on time, i accidentally skipped a day1. So here is the entry that was skipped, and tomorrow we’ll be back on track.

This is another hard one to pick a single song. I’m a huge fan of covers2, especially covers that do something really interesting and different with a song that transform in a way that feels entirely organic and natural. I mean, I also love covers that are just gimmicks,3, but someone taking a song and really turning it into something personal is always a treat.

So I’m using this entry to share a favourite track from one of my favourite musicians, Richard Thompson. At a 2000 tribute to Joni Mitchell, he performed this rendition of her classic song, “Woodstock”, and it delights me every time I hear it.

  1. Amusingly, the song I picked for the out of order challenge would have also been a valid entry here 

  2. and if you are too, you should subscribe to Brian Ibbott’s magnificent podcast, “Coverville” 

  3. such as those produced by Hayseed Dixie, Me First And the Gimme Gimmes, or Richard Cheese