Today’s challenge invites us to share a song we like from the 70s. This is another huge lift, as so much of the music I grew up with, both at the time it was current, and later when it was the cornerstone of “classic rock” radio formats, came from that storied decade. There’s the birth and maturation of heavy metal. There’s the cradle of punk. And disco. 1 And that’s not even mentioning such mainstays of my record collection as Fleetwood Mac, Pink Floyd, or The Carpenters2

But the more I pondered this, I realised that in my musical pantheon, there is one figure who stands astride all the rest like a colossus. So, for the second time in this challenge, I give you the immortal David Bowie, today with his 1977 single “Sound and Vision”

  1. Hush. It was never cool, but you could dance to it. 

  2. who are probably rarely mentioned in the same sentence, but this is my blog, so you have to deal with my eccentricities.