First up, apologies for not posting yesterday – we had a major windstorm in Seattle, and my Internet was down all evening. Rather than post twice today, I’m just going to pick up where I left off.

Today’s challenge invites us to post a song we never get tired of. This, again, is an embarrassment of riches category, because I tend not to get tired of things I like, and that includes a tremendous amount of music. But in terms of falling in love with a piece of music so completley that it crowds out everything else, well…there’s been very little in my life as overwhelmingly obsessive as when I bought the cast recording of “Hamilton”. In this day and age of having entire catalogs of songs at your disposal, I tend to listen to an album once, and then it goes into the shuffle; it’s rare for me to listen to a particular album all the way through over and over again.

I listened to “Hamilton” on repeat for nearly six months.

While it’s tempting to just post the entire album, that’s not a *song*, so I’m going to pick a song from the show, and rather than pick one of the obvious tracks like “Alexander Hamilton” or “My Shot”, I’m going to focus on one that I don’t see bandied about as often, but I think is worth singling out. Here’s RenĂ©e Elise Goldsberry and the cast of Hamilton with “Satisfied”.