• 07:06:00: Things I Should Warn My Houseguests #2427: That small glass container that looks like a sugar bowl is filled with kosher salt.
  • 09:00:38: @neilhimself I have it on good authority that Hell is not like, but is in fact, the LAX Delta terminal at 6am.
  • 09:37:57: Current reading: Seanan McGuire’s “An Artificial Night”, William Patterson’s Heinlein bio & “Sex at Dawn” by Ryan & Jethá #freshairbooks
  • 10:26:09: @adamselzer How about “A memoir”?
  • 14:10:43: @thetart *looks sad* *goes to change*
  • 14:28:15: @mariancall You can ponder perpetual motion/Fix yr mind on a crystal day/Always time for a good conversation/There’s an ear for what you say
  • 14:28:57: @ljellis I’ve been using http://www.readitlaterlist.com/
  • 14:39:00: @thetart *looks sheepish and contrite*

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