• 07:34:18: Fresh sliced peaches for breakfast. Life entirely fails to suck.
  • 07:58:11: @custardfairy are you bright tailed and bushy eyed?
  • 09:48:17: @kristamonster Btw, did you get the mp3 I sent you yesterday?
  • 12:11:25: . @judgingyou “Jegging” sounds like something that should be done only by consenting adult in private.
  • 12:12:45: @scalzi To be fair, for a good part of those two decades, we didn’t often send attachments. It was a more civilized era.
  • 12:52:14: @PasteMagazine You guys should get an interview with @mariancall while she’s in town next week. She’s six kinds of awesome.
  • 13:51:29: @vixy Five Minute Jesus is the name of my new prog-rock gospel band.
  • 14:05:24: @judgingyou I figured it was a rapper who needed a new rhyming word without changing his subject matter.

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