• 08:12:39: Starcraft fan begins project to construct a viable Protoss language: http://khalani-language.blogspot.com/
  • 08:18:30: I am nearly incapable of hearing or saying the words “Welcome back!” without proceeding to sing the 1st few lines of “Welcome Back Kotter.”
  • 09:47:36: I still maintain you can’t make a *good* cup of tea in a microwave. But you can, in a moment of extreme need, make a not-entirely-bad one.
  • 10:22:55: @kyrielle Or, perhaps, he wants to sing a Beatles song with you?
  • 11:53:05: @mariancall Have you tried melatonin?
  • 13:48:51: I’ve gotten dozen+ msgs from this spammer promising me pictures of my wife, but all they ever contain is a zip file with a virus in it.
  • 15:48:06: @vixy I keep all my mementos of passion. They remind me fondly of those moments of passion, which I treasure.
  • 22:56:51: @seananmcguire is “in conversation” some form of “collaboration”?

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