Most of my filks start out by an idea just popping into my head at an odd moment. Such was the case today, but I really don’t know if I can follow it to where it leads.

I had joked on #filkhaven that if telynor and I put our iPhones next to each other and left them alone with the lights down and some soft music, in a couple of months we’d have a nice little litter of iPod Nanos. The following conversation ensued:

beige_alert is sure happy it’s Thursday. Long weekend = short week 🙂
bardling: Beige_Lab – yay for long weekends 🙂
bardling: Can I adopt one of the iPod Nanos?
autographedcat: sure!
bardling: 🙂
beige_alert: (plus, longer weekend = more time for more sex)
autographedcat: just….don’t put it in the washing machine.
bardling: I have no intentions to do so!
autographedcat: neither did i
mnemex: Sex in a washing machine is bad. Oh, right, you meant the ipod.
mnemex: sorry, the justification was amusing.
bardling has a fairly decent habit of checking pockets & closing zippers while loading things into the washing machine.
mnemex: er, juxtaposition.
autographedcat: o/~ Sex and laundry / What a lovely pair / Getting frisky waiting on your underwear…. o/~

(Hides from Jodi.)