Gwnewch y pethau bychain


Oddest response a girl has ever given me to an overture of affection, ever:

“Well, if you were more like a scorpid…”

ETA: Perhaps its just that kind of day. Someone I’m actually dating just said to me: “If I were an alien wasp, I would totally use your flesh to nurture my young.” Which is really very sweet, when you think about it.


Reasons I Love My Wife, Number 1,432,202 in an ongoing series…


Fragment of the Day


  1. huh.

    Um, what kind of response does one give to THAT?

  2. Then you’d make that fascinating clattery gutteral noise they make!!

  3. Scorpid?

    Ok, I had to go look that one up.

    Umm, yeah, nothing like being compared to a dog-sized scorpion to brighten one’s day?

  4. Yeah, that latter compliment sounds positively romantic in its way!

  5. In grad school I knew a woman called Desi; it was short for Desmid. Her mother was a biologist.

  6. I wonder who -that- might have been 😉 -H…

  7. Oh MAN 🙂
    There is statements in this world that you just *glance* at, and you immediately KNOW who said that.
    The second one is one of them.

  8. I’m not sure if it’s more worisome that I /think/ I can identify the person you are dating who said the second quote or that I’m not absolutely certain of it.

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