Gwnewch y pethau bychain

Reasons I Love My Wife, Number 1,432,202 in an ongoing series…

After watching Obama’s speech and The Daily Show last night, we had the following conversation:

kitanzi: Come to bed, silly.
autographedcat: Ok, I’ll come to bed. But I warn you, I want snuggles.
kitanzi: Can I sleep while you’re snuggling?
autographedcat: That’ll be hard. You’re the only person in the house to snuggle with.
kitanzi: We have two cats.
autographedcat: Yes, but they’re often very….particular about their snuggling.
kitanzi: Oh. Are you saying I’m easy then?
autographedcat: Nooooo.
kitanzi: Oh. So you’re saying I’m difficult?

…at which point we both collapsed into helpless giggles.


kitanzi: Do you love me?
autographedcat: I do! I do!
kitanzi: Do you love me more than ice cream?
autographedcat: I do.
kitanzi: Wow.
autographedcat: I love you more than carmel and chocolate ice cream.
kitanzi: That’s a lot.
autographedcat: I love you more than Coldstone Creamery ice cream with bits of fruit in.
kitanzi: Stop it. You’re making me hungry.
autographedcat: Sorry.
kitanzi: It’s ok. Not like I can get that at quarter-to-mindnight.
autographedcat: You could get Ben and Jerry’s. They sell that in the supermarket.
kitanzi: You realize you’re perilously close to being sent out for ice cream by your wife, right?
autographedcat: (silence)
kitanzi: Hah. That shut you up, didn’t it?
autographedcat: Would there be sex involved?
kitanzi: Not tonight, no, sorry.
autographedcat: (rolling over) Then go get your own damn ice cream.

…at which point I was (deservedly) hit by a pillow, but with more giggling.

We laugh a lot. It’s one of the ways I know we’re alright.


The Art of the Possible




  1. That. Is. Utterly. Adorable. !!! 🙂
    (and yeah … *g* … parts of that sound very familiar … it kinda could be us ;-))

    (Edit: oh. and … thank you for making me smile. I needed that right now.)

  2. That totally could have been at our house. You two are so cute!

  3. Laughter

    One of the things I first said to Louie when we were getting together was, “Let ours be a love that includes honest laughter.” The one problem with this is that if I like a good joke, I am likely to tell it multiple times, if there is even one person present who hasn’t heard it; Louie gets a bit exasperated, but usually will not tell me to shut up. As far as the kind of humor that is exemplified in your little story, though, we’ve got it, and a fair amount of it to boot. I think solid couples need to have a bit of this, and I am glad that you and kitanzi definitely do.


  4. ain’t love grand?

  5. *grin*

    You two are so much fun.

  6. ah, twoo wuv 😀

  7. “Would there be sex involved?”

    That’s…pretty much exactly what I’d ask in such circumstances….

  8. Hey, it coulda been pickles and ice cream. He should count his blessings.

  9. Fun! Thanks for sharing that.

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