Gwnewch y pethau bychain


I apologize for getting so completely lax on the game transcripts, but I do want to keep noting the funny comments, because they’re part of what makes our group so much fun.

Virko after one-shotting a goblin wererat with a quad-damage critical):  Be careful.  There’s two of them now.

Virko (fighter):  We may need to change our tactics, now that we’re encountering lycanthropes instead of zombies.
Gaudi:(priest):  I’m a little amused that we keep running into them in a silver mine.


Finally, we cover sex and D&D


Protected: What lives here, and what’s stray…


  1. Damn, I miss you guys.

    This year at GenCon!

  2. o/~It’s like trying to find ghouls in a silver mine
    It’s like trying to drink water from a skin full of wine

    Get back goblin cats, better get back to the woods
    Cause I’ve missed my sting and I’ve dropped the ring
    And oooh, oooh, ooh, Gollum’s gonna do me good.

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