Gwnewch y pethau bychain

Finally, we cover sex and D&D

ericcoleman has a poll over his journal about chocolate preference, which reminded me of this amusing conversation I had during Tuesday night’s D&D session.

Someone was offering around some Hersey’s 70% Cocoa dark chocolate squares, and it led to this exchange.

D: I’m a chocolate snob. I’ll only eat dark chocolate.
Me: Not me. I’m a chocolate slut. I prefer dark chocolate, but honestly, milk is fine. With caramel is fine. or crispy rice. or fruits and nuts. It’s all good.
D: Oh no, not me.
Me: I figure chocolate is like sex. Even when it’s bad, iiiiiiit’s still pretty good.
D & J (almost in unison): Oh, that’s not true.
Me: I dunno, I think it is.
D: Besides, I got spoiled by living in Europe for 2 years.
Me: (deadpan) Oh? The sex was that much better in Europe?

It took the party about five minutes to regain enough composure to continue.


Atlanta Filk next Saturday




  1. Grin!

    And yes, the sex *is* much better in Europe, when are you coming over?

    Bring women! (And travellers cheques, though the cheques won’t be accepted *everywhere* … grin!)

  2. *BIG grin* 🙂

  3. [picks jaw up off floor in total admiration at your comedic timing]:-D

  4. You know, I read this earlier and somehow missed the title. I think you get bonus points for the Phil and Dixie referrence.

  5. I agree- it’s all pretty well good.

    But then again, I *did* move to Europe.

    After all, I have *standards*….. (hah!)

  6. Unfortunately, I’m not in my underwear, and I don’t have any truffles on hand.

  7. Gender Warrior hypothesizes: D and/or J are female. (Am I right?)

    And if so, I’d further anticipate that the “that’s not true” applies both to the idea that even bad chocolate is still pretty good *and* that even bad sex is still pretty good.

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