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Month: February 2008


Ever since we moved to our new apartment in July, there’s been one important thing missing from our otherwise perfect home:  our books.  Due to a lack of adequate shelving, our books were all out in the garage in boxes, which made me sad.  Unfortunately, when you have the number of paperbacks we do, shelving becomes a problem — you simply can’t buy bookcases designed to provide maximum paperback density.You either have to stack them two or three rows deep on big shelves designed for hardbacks, which offends my library-raised soul, or you can build them yourself.  But building shelves yourself is a four hand job, and I preferred to have an extra pair of hands that were good with tools and building things.  Fortunately, I know vila_resthal; unfortunately, just as I was asking him about helping me on this project, he was in an auto accident that left him with a broken collarbone.  So, we’ve been waiting until he healed up sufficiently to be able to tackle the construction.

Sunday, he and his wife lindsey-cita drove over from Athens, and while she and kitanzi visited, we made ourselves busy in the garage, turning 15 8′ 1x6s and three boxes of 2″ #8 wood screws into the most essential piece of furniture in the house.  And they do look lovely!

Some of meeze, some of moze…

Name That Tune!

Because I typically parody pop songs, one of the most common reactions I get to one of my filks is “That’s interesting, but I don’t know the tune.”  In the past, I’d kinda shrug and take it as one of the pitfalls of having eclectic and modern tastes in music, and figure there wasn’t much I could do about it other than learn to play the song so I could perform it for people.

But now, thanks the magic that is the modern Internet, and particularly YouTube, I can now provide those original tunes for people who don’t know them.  So I’ve gone through my online songbook, and for every song which is a parody and for which a suitable online source for that song is available, I have provided a link.  So if you’ve ever looked at one of my songs and wondered how it went, now you can find out!  And if you haven’t ever looked at my songs, here’s a good excuse to! 

A project for a future date is making scratch recordings available for the few original tunes I’ve done, but that will have to wait for another day.

The songbook can be found at:  Enjoy!

Valentine’s Day

Today is Valentine’s Day, a day set aside for celebrating love. Some people prefer not to think about today for a variety of reasons, some of which I greatly sympathize with. But for myself, I love today, and why wouldn’t I? My cup really *does* runneth over.

To kitanzi: You are still the best friend and sweetie and partner and wife anyone could ever hope for. My life began again when you came into it, and I look forward to looking back on all this in 40 years with you still right there by my side.

To aiela: We were there for each other at our lowest points, and here we are, still there for each other at our highest points. It’s been so wonderful the last few years watching you realizing your dreams, and I was so happy to stand beside you at your wedding.

To sweetmusic_27: One year later, and I adore you more than ever. Your enthusiasm and verve are an inspiration to me, and you’ve helped me hold together at times that I was falling apart. I’m looking forward to another “real date” with you and just plain spending more time being with you.

To cadhla: I can’t actually recall a time since I met you that I didn’t love you madly. You are always a source of joy and wonder to me, and sometimes I’m simply amazed that you love me too, but I never doubt it, because you show me in so many small ways.

To E: We haven’t really had a chance to touch base the last few weeks, but that’s ok. I’m still in no hurry, and we do have world enough and time. You are in my thoughts, and I greatly look forward to the next time I hear your voice.

Happy Valentine’s Day, my loves. You make my every day better, richer, and more meaningful, and I can’t imagine not having you be a part of it.

Yeah, i can get behind this.

Thanks to natatattat for this:

I kinda like it.  Go pomo.

Fun With Market Research

Listening to the podcast of NPR’s "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me" this morning, where they were discussing the story about Woolworths having to pull a line of bedroom furniture for young girls with the brand name Lolita.. “We didn’t know about the book”, they claimed, “We had to look it up in Wikipedia.”

The host, Peter Sagel, quipped, “After further Wikipedia research, the store also pulled some other badly named products, such as the Hannibal Lecter EZ Bake Oven, the Scarlet Letters magnetic letter set, and the Catherine The Great My Little Pony Playset.”

My curiosity….you has it….

My Valentinr - autographedcat
Get your own valentinr

Accept No Substitutes

Accept No Substitutes
by Rob Wynne
TTTO: “Wonderwall” by Oasis

This toy is totally the toy
That is gonna fill your every need
Watch now, you know it somehow
May accelerate to dang’rous speeds
I don’t believe that anybody
Knows exactly what it really is

Don’t touch, or look at it much
or breathe the vapor from its liquid core
Young, old, and pregnant girls are told
Not to hang around it anymore
I don’t believe that anybody
Knows exactly what it really is

And all these warning messages are binding
Stop using it if its effects are blinding
It is made of glowing stuff that fell to earth from space
Don’t know what it is

Don’t taunt it
But you know you’re gonna really want it
‘Cause after all
Its your happy fun ball

If it smokes, or if you start to choke
Run away from it and hide your head
By now, you ought to somehow
Realize that you should’ve fled
I don’t believe that anybody
Knows exactly what it really is

Just $14.95 will cause elation
This toy sensation’s sweeping through the nation
Even though you know it only rarely sticks to skin
Buy it anyhow

Don’t taunt it
But you know you’re gonna really want it
‘Cause after all
It’s your happy fun ball

Don’t taunt it
But you know you’re gonna really want it
‘Cause after all
It’s your happy fun ball

Don’t taunt it
But you know you’re gonna really want it
But you know you’re gonna really want it
But you know you’re gonna really want it

A lot of times, I end up writing a filk for no other reason than a song getting stuck in my head and after a few repetitions starts to wander off in odd directions. Sometimes, I follow it down those odd directions and end up with something kinda cool.

I’d also like to, in advance, thank Oasis vocalist Liam Gallagher for his mutli-syllabic pronunciation of the word “wall”, which made this filk possible.

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