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Fun With Market Research

Listening to the podcast of NPR’s "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me" this morning, where they were discussing the story about Woolworths having to pull a line of bedroom furniture for young girls with the brand name Lolita.. “We didn’t know about the book”, they claimed, “We had to look it up in Wikipedia.”

The host, Peter Sagel, quipped, “After further Wikipedia research, the store also pulled some other badly named products, such as the Hannibal Lecter EZ Bake Oven, the Scarlet Letters magnetic letter set, and the Catherine The Great My Little Pony Playset.”


My curiosity….you has it….


Yeah, i can get behind this.


  1. Yes, I listened to that one too. 🙂

  2. Yay! If *you* start talking about “Wait, Wait”, Angie’s definitely going to have to find time to listen to it every week. 🙂

    • I pretty much never miss it.

      Btw, do you find that you now hear *all* limericks as if they were recited by Carl Kasell?

      • Carl Kasell is pretty much my default narrator for life now, but actually, no, I tend to hear limericks in and ‘s voices.

        (Except that I’m hearing Sarah’s voice as Natalia’s voice…)

      • Did you hear the show in which the contestant didn’t know the rhyme scheme of limericks and chose to rhyme with the wrong word?

        “And the poem takes a hard turn into free verse…”

        • That has happened in so many Wait Waits that I’ve listened to. 🙂

          Sometimes I wonder just how stupid people can be; other times I think people just panic when they get on the radio.

    • did a fannish version of “Says You!” at Westercon last year, for the Masquerade half-time entertainment. He’s planning to follow it up with a fannish “Wait, Wait.” I expect not to be able to breathe by the time he’s done.

    • OH my god. I was being cranky today, and Jen said “put your head phones on, you’re being cranky.” So I said “I tried that earlier, you KEPT TALKING TO ME. And she said “I promise I won’t talk to you, just go put on your giggling show and stop being cranky.”

      Not THREE MINUTES into the episode, I hear this little voice.



      (I did get the joey harrington episode in. I’m listening to this week’s right now, and then I’ll go backwards.)

  3. Oh. My god. … my head hurts.

  4. I’d like to see that marketing department on “Not My Job.”

  5. And I fully expect that to be my best laugh all day. *still snickering*

  6. This show was recorded at the Mesa Arts Center, not three miles from my house. And I was too slow to get tickets.

  7. Oh man! I’ve been neglecting Wait Wait. For a while there I was streaming them regularly every week off the website, and when there wasn’t a new show yet, I was listening to the entirety of the archives until I exhausted those too.

    At least the plus side of my having not listened to it in a while is that I now have lots of archives to catch up on again!

    • I get the podcast straight from iTunes, so I never have to remember to download it — it’s always there waiting for me 🙂

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