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Name That Tune!

Because I typically parody pop songs, one of the most common reactions I get to one of my filks is “That’s interesting, but I don’t know the tune.”  In the past, I’d kinda shrug and take it as one of the pitfalls of having eclectic and modern tastes in music, and figure there wasn’t much I could do about it other than learn to play the song so I could perform it for people.

But now, thanks the magic that is the modern Internet, and particularly YouTube, I can now provide those original tunes for people who don’t know them.  So I’ve gone through my online songbook, and for every song which is a parody and for which a suitable online source for that song is available, I have provided a link.  So if you’ve ever looked at one of my songs and wondered how it went, now you can find out!  And if you haven’t ever looked at my songs, here’s a good excuse to! 

A project for a future date is making scratch recordings available for the few original tunes I’ve done, but that will have to wait for another day.

The songbook can be found at:  Enjoy!


Valentine’s Day


Some of meeze, some of moze…


  1. This is a wonderful idea, yay!

  2. Couple things:

    1. “Naked Ambition” came up 404 Not Found.

    2. So we have both filked songs from Carousel…do you get the same blank looks I do on the music for yours?

    3. I adored “Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Cicada.”

    4. Re “Keep You Closer”: You shared this song with when you wrote it and with me shortly thereafter, and it still means a lot to both of us.

    5. Re “Love May Yet Survive This Fall”: You shared this with me when and I were going through some very rough times. I passed it on to him. We are still standing. Thank you.

    6. Even when I didn’t know the tunes, I loved these. You are a very twisted man, and I’m proud to count you a friend.

    • 1. Fixed. *blush*

      2. Not really, but then, I’ve rarely performed it. 🙂

      3. Heh, that was fun to write. I don’t know that it could ever *really* be performed, but it amuses me. I should probably gather the links for it as well.

      4 & 5. Thanks. Those both still mean a lot to me.

      6. And thanks again. *hug*

  3. Out of curiosity,

    do you have all the song files in a zip format?

  4. Great stuff, thanks!

    I added you as a friend.

    I am, among other things, a filk geek.

    • You’re a filk geek Red Sox fan with a John Kovalic icon. Welcome to my friends list. 🙂

      Glad you liked the songs. Please feel free to perform any that strike your fancy. 🙂

      • Thanks!

        At Boskone, they played a Munchkin game with every known card. I am such a geek that I took a picture of the table, and I am going to send it to him.

        I actually look a lot like Igor.


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