Ever since we moved to our new apartment in July, there’s been one important thing missing from our otherwise perfect home:  our books.  Due to a lack of adequate shelving, our books were all out in the garage in boxes, which made me sad.  Unfortunately, when you have the number of paperbacks we do, shelving becomes a problem — you simply can’t buy bookcases designed to provide maximum paperback density.You either have to stack them two or three rows deep on big shelves designed for hardbacks, which offends my library-raised soul, or you can build them yourself.  But building shelves yourself is a four hand job, and I preferred to have an extra pair of hands that were good with tools and building things.  Fortunately, I know vila_resthal; unfortunately, just as I was asking him about helping me on this project, he was in an auto accident that left him with a broken collarbone.  So, we’ve been waiting until he healed up sufficiently to be able to tackle the construction.

Sunday, he and his wife lindsey-cita drove over from Athens, and while she and kitanzi visited, we made ourselves busy in the garage, turning 15 8′ 1x6s and three boxes of 2″ #8 wood screws into the most essential piece of furniture in the house.  And they do look lovely!