Gwnewch y pethau bychain

Today’s timewaster: 3-D Tetris

Seen over at John Scalzi’s By The Way, Tetris in 3-D: (Requires Flash)

This could eat my day if I let it. Good grief. I still remember hejira2006‘s description of the original Tetris: “It’s the most boring game I’ve ever played for hours and hours and hours.”


Song: All For Me Swag


Dearly beloved…


  1. Thank you for reminding me I haven’t been keeping up with his blog. Is there an LJ feed? I think there is.

    My brain is being eaten. I just got dumped with a ton of work, due next Wednesday. On top of my normal work load that keeps me busy 40 hours a week.

    Guess most of my slack time just went out the window. Which is why I build it in, of course. 😛

    • John has two blogs, both of which are fed to LJ:

      is the Whatever blog
      is the AOL journal.

      *kiss* Hang in there sweetie. Love you.

      • Oh, great. First you shove Gallamor at her, and now you are feeding her Scalzi obsession!

        Wasn’t it bad enough when she started attributing all the witty things I say to Scalzi? Now she’ll probably start calling me the wrong names in bed again!

        • I’m just making my sweetie happy. Some girls like diamonds. Some girls like European vacations. Our girl likes hairy men with sharp wits. So that’s what I give her.

          Seems to be working so far. 🙂

          • I think that’s the best summary of my typical “type” I’ve seen articulated.

            There are exceptions, but yeah. Um.

  2. aughhhhhhh makingmy head hurt!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. LOL!
    Wanna do REAL 3D Tetris, live and in (dark-ish) colours? 🙂 Come over and help us store all the stuff in my tiny basement *g*

  4. Sounds like an inverse version of Jenga…

  5. Wow! I remember when I had that game (yes, the exact 3D version that someone’s apparently ported to flash here) on my DOS PC back in elementary school! That brings back memories.

  6. I was a big fan of Blockout, which was another 3D tetris version, back in about 1992. The 3 by 3, (ten levels), which played sort of like a continuous soma cube, that was amazing.

  7. I miss tetris! I went looking for it online just last week, and found something I was able to waste some time on. I still remember having tendonitis from playing sitris once… Funny -- don’t think anyone expressed any sympathy for me .

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