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Live From New York, It’s The Ghost of a Once Funny Programme…

Tonight, I watched this weekend’s episode of Saturday Night Live, because Hugh Laurie was hosting and I love Hugh Laurie. I genuinely believe he could make just about anything funny, so I figured, how bad can it be?

Turns out, it can be pretty bad. Laurie himself was good in several sketches, but….I’d known it had gone downhill, but I wasn’t aware it had reached the bottom of the hill, careered off into a deep ravine, and was lying in a flaming wreck at the bottom of mineshaft.

In the immortal words of Opus the Penguin, it “brought the word ‘BAD’ to new levels of badness. Bad acting. Bad effects. Bad everything. [It] just oozed rottenness from every bad scene…Simply bad beyond all infinite dimensions of possible badness. Well, maybe not that bad. But Lord, it wasn’t good.”

I think I need to get me some *old* SNL on DVD. kitanzi says she’s never really understood what the fuss was about, because she never has seen it when it was exceptionally good.


I bow to no one as a fan of the late, lamented Firefly, but this video made me laugh hard enough to wake the neighbors


God bless the Internet. (And thanks to filkerdave for the link.)

My Last Word on the Subject

There’s an old joke that goes “There’s two types of people in the world. Those who divide people into two types, and people who don’t.”

I’ve spent the last week veering between despondent and furious.

When you set to create a division, you make your world a smaller place. Even when you do it with the best intentions. Even if you think you’re creating a constructive discussion. Even when you think that what you’re saying doesn’t cast judgment.

You make the world a smaller place. You release into the atmosphere something that is toxic. You destroy something that was precious and beautiful for someone else, without their participation or consent. Just remember, all that poison in the air, that’s your fault.

There’s no Us Vs. Them. There’s only us. There’s only ever been us. There will only ever be us.

All we ever have, in the end, is each other. If you want to make the world a better place, focus on the things that bring us together.

Addendum to new song

Just a brief note that I finally found a title for the song I posted yesterday. 🙂

RP, Fanfic, and other pursuits

altoidsaddict has a fascinating essay on fanfiction and RP, and why people engage in it. The conclusions he reaches are interesting, and a lot of food for thought.

Comparing fanfic to original writing is not quite like apples and oranges. It’s more like grapefruit to tangelos. Okay, so fanfic is writing – but it has a different purpose than original writing, and to urge fanficcers to stop wasting their time and write something original ignores that the act of writing is almost incidental. (Yes, yes, you who are about to object, you’re precious, creative stars in the galaxy of craft. Just a sec.) How I communicate to a reader as a writer is drastically different in purpose from how fanficcers communicate with other fandom folk. Yes, they have a lot in common – but the primary purpose is different, the human motivations are different, and that changes everything.

Go read the whole thing. It’s chewy crunchy thoughtfood.

NEW SONG: Aural Vixation

Aural Vixation
by Rob Wynne
TTTO: “The Girl Who’s Never Been” by Michelle Dockrey

This last weekend I had gone to an SF music con
And I sat down at the concert Friday night
Songs of battle filled the room, torch songs followed none too soon
And the classic songs were all a big delight
Having heard all of the rest, the last set would decide the best —
On the stage there stepped a girl with hair of red.
And she sang to us this song; although it wasn’t very long
Since that moment it’s been trapped and it won’t get out of my head!

Save me! Save me!
It’s trapped in my head, you see!
Oh no, I think it’s starting up again!
Save me! Save me!
It won’t leave my memory!
I swear, this is the song that never ends!

Many other songs were played, I’m not quite sure why this one stayed;
Four days later and it’s still on endless play.
Other earworms can’t prevail, even “It’s A Small World” failed,
But it’s stuck in here and it won’t go away
So I went to see the girl who let it loose upon the world
She said “My lord, aren’t you guys sick of it by now?”
I suppose it could be worse, at least this is a pleasant curse
But I would send it out of my head if you’d only tell me how!

Save me! Save me!
It’s trapped in my head, you see
Oh no, I think it’s starting up again
Save me! Save me!
It won’t leave my memory
I swear, this is the song that never ends

Just another west coast filker singing her songs late at night
Sitting with her pers’nal guitarist and notebook held too tight
Just a singer in the circle with a smile bright as the sun
But I don’t know how she does the things she’s done

“Oh, take pity on me please! I’ll even get down on my knees!”
I begged her to relieve my aching brain
She said “Well, now since it’s you, I guess I’ll see what I can do”
And with a wink began to sing again
Well, I sat and listened well as she began to tell the tale
Of the man who makes a family of his crew
And it wasn’t very long until she finished up the song
And now where there’d been just one song, there suddenly were two!

Take love! Take land!
Take the place where I can stand!
But you can’t take the sky away from me!
Take out! To black!
Tell them that I won’t be back
I swear, you cannot take the sky from me!

And she faded, leaving just this parody

Six word story

So the meme going around town today is complete stories in six words. Fun! (Ganked from *everyone*)

Can’t buy me love. Leasing’s fine.

Back from OVFF

Just wanted to check in. We got back home from OVFF yesterday at about 5pm Atlanta time. We had a wonderful time. More detail and pictures to follow.

My pants are not entirely bankrupt, but are certainly experiencing a budget crunch, so let me know if there’s something I should see that I may have missed while I was away.

As I do every year, I’m collecting con reports in my memories. I’ve been skipping posts (like this one) that just say “Got home, great time, more later”. If you see any con reports I’ve missed, please point me at those as well.

Back to work…

The Soundtrack to the Movie Of your Life

Meme from smallship1

If Your Life was a Movie, What Would the Soundtrack Be?
So, here’s how it works:
1. Open your iTunes library
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For every question, type the song that’s playing
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button
6. Don’t lie and try to pretend you’re cool…


Been suffering a migraine all weekend. Not how I’d planned to spend two days off. :/

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