Gwnewch y pethau bychain

Dearly beloved…

Back when kitanzi and I first started dating, she was living in New Hampshire and I was in Georgia, and we got to see each other at best about once a month. Usually, by the beginning of the third week apart, we were climbing the walls and counting the hours until the next time we’d see each other. Through all of it, there was a sustaining thought that we used when we thought we’d reached the end of our endurance:

If tarkrai and katyhh can manage, we can manage. And we’d hold on just a little bit longer.

Kit and I gave up on the whole long distance thing years ago, and I’m happy that, as of this week, tarkrai and katyhh can drop the LD from their R as well. Congratulations on the wedding, guys. May this be the beginning of many long years spent….together.


Today’s timewaster: 3-D Tetris


Our last best hope to finally see the darn thing…


  1. Right. That was the last bit I needed. You’re getting your not-quite-a-sonnet.

  2. w00t. Here’s to LD’s being dropped from R’s all over the place.

    (Today’s the day starts calling the Emerald City home for good. No more sucky-ass three-hour car commutes!)

    (NH to GA? Yeep. I bet Air Tran was your bestest buddy…)

    (Looking forward to meeting you two in January. That’s the one thing that sucks about living on the Left Coast: All you hoopy froods that insist on living east of the Pecos!)

    • Ohhhh yes, Air Tran was -- until I found I could do it just as cheap and get to the airport faster if I…. went to Hartford Connecticut on Delta. About $50 more, but I didn’t have to drive or PARK in Boston. Overall, cheaper and faster, even if I had to drive ALL THE WAY ACROSS MASSACHUSETTS to do it.
      Boston’s bad, I’m telling you.

      • Delta? *shudder* I’m so glad you don’t have to do that anymore. I gave up Delta the year I got married (1997); one simple little trip to Houston, THREE busted aircraft. And I’d already booked my honeymoon on it… both our flight and my parents’ flight out for the wedding were late, the latter late enough that they killed my parents’ car reservation and they ended up with a Geo Metro going over the Santa Cruz mountains. I swear it stands for Doesn’t Ever Leave The Airport.

        Besides, Hartford isn’t exactly a pleasant memory for me. I spent a week there in the dead of winter, and the sidewalks roll up promptly at 6. The product we were trying to install was busted, and I was BORED out of my skull. And we damn near didn’t make the plane home. We did, though, and we went out and got deiced and then the captain came on and said it’s 68 degrees and partly cloudy in Atlanta and a ragged cheer went up…. I no longer enjoy the Dixie heat but that day I did. Needed to get my Johnny Reb butt back across the Macy-Dixie line before it froze the heck off…

        Now, if Air Tran would just see clear to flying to Seattle ALL YEAR instead of just in the summer time. I really dread trying to get to GaFilk…

  3. I remember the first time you told me this. I felt then, as now; that it is one of the highest compliments that we’ve ever been paid… and is far more than we can be worth.

    We did what we had to do. Nothing else. And watching the two of you in action, is like watching how distilled love makes life richer and deeper- not only for you; but for all those around you who care for you.

    You rock my world. Thank you, so very much.

    • Awwww…. you two are wonderful to watch, and I hope you are always as happy together as you are this very moment.

      Having said that, can I point out that the proof of a REAL geek is that he’s spending his wedding night blogging?!? *G* Hugs to you both, and best congratulations! I only wish we could have been there!

    • I think that’s the definition of a good marriage… it’s what you, deep in your heart, have to do.

      “Distilled love.” Now there’s a drink headier than any champagne.

      Congrats, and enjoy. It’s a good place to be.

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