Gwnewch y pethau bychain

SONG: Lawyers, Guns and Honey

No better way to get back into regular musical activity than to write a new song, right? Right!

Lawyers, Guns, and Honey
TTTO: “Lawyers, Guns, and Money” by Warren Zevon
by Rob Wynne and Jeffrey Williams
© 2006

Well, I went to talk to Piglet
Kanga, Owl, and Roo
I wish somebody’d told me
That Tigger’d be there, too

We went walkin’ to the mill pond
Saw Eeyore’d fallen in
Send lawyers, guns, and honey
Yeah, Tigger’s bounced again

Oh, I’m a bear of little brain
I’m full of cheer and pluck
Just halfway into Rabbit’s hole
And I found I was stuck
Yes, I found I was stuck
Well, I found I was stuck

Now I’m hanging from balloon strings
I’m a desperate bear
Send lawyers, guns, and honey
The bees have seen me there

Send lawyers guns and honey
Send lawyers guns and honey
Send lawyers guns and honey
Send lawyers guns and honey


Right now there’s dust on my guitar…


Free Association


  1. Pretty darn good, but one minor nit: I think Pooh’s classic misspelling of “Hunny” would look better in printed lyrics.

  2. Awesome -- I love it.
    And, since I have named my cat “Piglet” anything to do with Winne the Pooh is close to my heart.

  3. Well that’s a relief.

    When you mentioned it in AIM, I was afraid it was going to be “Werewolves of London”.

  4. I live for Pooh! Love it, love it, love it!

  5. Looks like fun. I’ll look forward to hearing it (especially since I’m not familiar with the original tune. Yes, I know I probably should be…)

  6. hee hee i like it 🙂

  7. Damnit, who let The Dynamic Duo you and Jeff write again? 😉 Next time, I suggest a song about Personal Technology, preferably involving the fact that Imperial Star Destroyers are shaped like the Dalkon Shield.

    Very funny, you two… verrrry funny 🙂

  8. Q: Why lawyers?

    A: To sue the one who got you stuck!

    Well-done cat! “o)

  9. I love these lyrics!

    Hey, have you seen the pic of us dancing?

    (photo by Tom Jeffers)

  10. *snorts* That’s quite, quite amusing. And I can just hear WZ singing it too. *grins*

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