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Right now there’s dust on my guitar…

One of the negative side effects of my recent depression is that I’ve been unmotivated to really play music the way I do normally. I’ve not been writing regularly, not practicing, not learning new songs, and not playing when I’m in an environment where I have the opportunity Some people remarked sadly that they didn’t hear me play anything at OVFF or Gafilk (which I appreciated, by the way), and the main reasons for that were emotional distraction and lack of recent practice required to keep me in any kind of playing shape.

This is something i obviously want to change. Music feeds my soul, and my soul’s gotten a bit thin lately. So I’m determined to begin purposefully practicing again, in order to being participating again in social situations where I can play music, such as filkcons.

To that end, I have a query to those of you reading this who are familiar with my repertoire: what songs should I concentrate on getting back into shape. What, out of the songs you know that I play, either my own or by others, would you most like to hear me do more often? Given what you know of my current talents, what songs should I look into learning that would suit my style and skill?

I play as much for the enjoyment of those around me as I do for myself, so here’s your chance to let me know what you’d most like to hear me do. 🙂


Closing the Book on 2005


SONG: Lawyers, Guns and Honey


  1. I’ve never heard you play, so I don’t know your stuff.

    But, when I get into a similar space, I try to make sure that I put my guitar into my hands at least once a day, even if I don’t really play much of anything. Just to get into the habit again. I’ve been known to just sit and play G & C for 15 minutes. But it keeps my hands in shape, and gets me interested again.

    Make sure that you have the opportunity to play, even if you don’t really want to that much.

    • *nod* I’ve started doing that in that last couple of days (and I need to change the strings on Fenris, poor thing). Just trying to find myslef some direction to apply myself towards.

      For the first time in months, I *do* want to. This makes me happy.

  2. Which songs? All of them bro, all of them

  3. Oh boy, do I understand this post…

    It’s where I’ve been coming from for the last 18 months -- I’m depressed because I’m not playing, and not playing because I’m depressed.

    I know *nothing* about your personal life right now short of what I’ve read on LJ, but if you are in pain, I would suggest that picking up your guitar and strumming random chord patterns is what you need to do. The pain can come out in music and in songs waiting to be written, and that can be both cathartic and creative.

    If I were in your shoes right now, that’s what I’d be doing. Picking up the instrument that feels most at home in those blue hands and waiting for the pain to come out. Because it will, you know.

  4. I don’t know your repertoire -- I haven’t gotten to hear you. (Although I’d love it if you’d play something for me next time I’m in Atlanta -- hint!) But I’d say pick happy songs, cheerful songs, up songs. I think that would best feed your soul. That’s the kind of music that I pull out of my mp3 collection to play when I’ve been down and need feeding from the music.

    I hope it helps. I hope you play more.

  5. Oif, I don’t know your repertoire well enough to recall. However, seeing as that’s a terribly unhelpful answer, I’ll say “any ’80s covers”!

  6. Well, skimming your songlist briefly, how about a vote for “Sauron” and “Catacombs”?

    And add me to the list of folks who have fallen badly out of practice, for somewhat similar reasons. Although a healthy dose of too much work isn’t helping me either. Anyway, **hugs** and let’s all resolve to make much more music this year, eh?

  7. I’m still kicking myself that I didn’t stop to listen when I passed you playing to DaveR outside the main function space at GAFilk. It only occurred to me later that, Hey! That’s the only time I’ve seen Rob with a guitar this weekend!

    I don’t know what it was but the bit I heard sounded lovely and I’d really like to hear the whole thing.

  8. Damn! Wish I knew your rep better. I am getting a pretty good idea of your listening tastes (eclectic!)…
    Hmm… songs you could pick up and play around with… that I might be able to do… what songs could I hear you singing?
    Maybe “Trouble Me” (it must be the 10,000 maniacs music you listed that made me think of it but seriously, the sentiment suits you)
    Or… hmm…. I could hear you and playing around with “Love has a life of its own” by Lorraine Lee Hammond.

    Probably that doesn’t help much but I am glad to hear you are playing! Hugs

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