One of the negative side effects of my recent depression is that I’ve been unmotivated to really play music the way I do normally. I’ve not been writing regularly, not practicing, not learning new songs, and not playing when I’m in an environment where I have the opportunity Some people remarked sadly that they didn’t hear me play anything at OVFF or Gafilk (which I appreciated, by the way), and the main reasons for that were emotional distraction and lack of recent practice required to keep me in any kind of playing shape.

This is something i obviously want to change. Music feeds my soul, and my soul’s gotten a bit thin lately. So I’m determined to begin purposefully practicing again, in order to being participating again in social situations where I can play music, such as filkcons.

To that end, I have a query to those of you reading this who are familiar with my repertoire: what songs should I concentrate on getting back into shape. What, out of the songs you know that I play, either my own or by others, would you most like to hear me do more often? Given what you know of my current talents, what songs should I look into learning that would suit my style and skill?

I play as much for the enjoyment of those around me as I do for myself, so here’s your chance to let me know what you’d most like to hear me do. 🙂