Gwnewch y pethau bychain

Just imagine…

Invent a memory of me and post it in the comments. It can be anything you want, so long as it’s something that’s never happened. Then, of course, post this to your journal and see what people would like to remember of you, only the universe failed to cooperate in making it happen so they had to make it up instead.

This should be all sorts of fun!


Lazy Quiet Weekend


Another Meme


  1. Helping you get up after your knockdown fight with Leslie Fish over the proper chording of one of her Kipplefish works. Boy, she was mad.

  2. I’d get myself in big trouble if I posted the memory I’d like to have 😉

    • You could always email it privately. *G*

      • You really do want me to get in trouble, don’t you!

        • I won’t tell a soul. Promise. 🙂

          • But she never said I couldn’t post it }:) Between the chocolate syrup, the slinky negligees, and the fur, I’m not sure who was more surprised. Kitanzi when the videocamera man came in, Filkergem when the envelope arrived, Kyttn when the handcuffs failed, yourself when the purring started, or myself when the bagpipes played. -H…

          • Wow…I remember hearing that rumour but not sure if it wa true or not. Cool.

        • First answer -- no, of course not.
          Second answer -- with who??

  3. You, me, kitanzi, telynor, whipped cream, great music, butter soft leather… a live goat… well -- actually, I’m not sure about the goat it’s all a blur.

  4. We were sitting in that crowded coffee shop in an airport, having met before a convention by chance, both waiting for a connecting flight, and recognised each other by the instruments we were carrying -- granted, you could have been going to some other event, but somehow we just looked like “filk” to each other. So we shared a cuppa, hopped onto the connecting flight and went off to the con.

  5. I remember when we first met, back when I was seven years old and we had great fun running around the park all summer, swimming and playing tag. 🙂 *hug* (Yeah, I do wish I’d known you back then.)

  6. I remember that sailing trip that you and I and Manny and kitanzi took in the Amazon, and how funny you looked trying to stare cross-eyed at the big blue butterfly that had landed on your nose.

  7. The tap dance routine you did while dressed as a zebra was pretty entertaining.

  8. I’ll never forget the all night curmudgeon fight between you, Bob Dole, and myself at CootCon 02.
    “When I were a lad, we didn’t have frozen fishsticks. No sir!” I said.
    “Fishsticks? We didn’t have fish!” you replied.
    “We’d just managed to figure out how to use sticks when I was young,” said Dole. He won because, in his case, it was true.

  9. Yodelling to the hills after that con in …. can’t remember which town now, it’s so long ago, but there were mountains! And on the Sunday night we were standing on the balcony and you said “This scenery looks just like the start of The Sound of Music!” and we all started yodelling (or trying to).

    Then the hotel staff and con committee turned up and stopped us. Spoilsports.

  10. It’s got to be the same memory as the one I don’t have of Kitanzi. The one where you were visiting and we took the super-soakers and held up the local candy store. So much chocolate!

  11. I’ll never forget you pulling me out of that foxhole in ‘Nam back in ’68. I told the Captain to steer clear of that village, but he was too busy tryin’ to follow the book rather than think for himself…

  12. I remember that time you drove to Chicago to help me move, and I foolishly put you in charge of packing books. Every few minutes, one of my brothers would come down the stairs, roll his eyes, and say “He’s reading them. Again.”

  13. Well, there was the time we were doing tag-team support for a customer. The banter between us was incredible. It was like we were the guys on Mythbusters. After about three hours, we got the job done, the customer was happy, and we went our separate ways.

  14. Oh lordy, it has to be the time you and I traded name badges at GAfilk years back and people kept mixing us up, remember? Or when you gave Terence that Most Revolting Cookbook In The World and he cooked Dog Eye recipe for me, remember! No wait, it was definitely when you tattooed that quote across Stevemac’s forehead after braided his hair to a tree while he was sleeping.

    Ah, the good times…

  15. During my senior year of clinics, I suffered a nasty kick from a kangaroo and wound up in the hospital with a fractured pelvis. That was the year marsupialization was running rampant, and none of my friends would come and visit me -- the doctors had me under observation, and everyone was afraid I might be contagious. Everyone except you, of course. You brought me flowers every day (dandelions and begonias, because you thought the color might cheer me up), and read the Canterbury Tales out loud, and told me that even if I did grow a pouch and a tail, I would still be the most stylish elfin veterinarian you had ever met. I don’t know if I ever actually told you how much that meant to me….

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