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MST3K presents “Dark Dungeons”

Thanks to gridlore for the link.

Jack Chick is a weird religious nut who draws little comic tracts espousing his own odd version of Christianity. (I’ve never actually met a Christian who had heard of Chick who wasn’t embarrassed by him, to be honest). Most of them are rather unintentionally funny, and one of the most famous of the Chick Tracts in fandom is Dark Dungeons, which targets the evil and Satanic practice of Role Playing Games.

So what do you do when something is so bad it’s unintentionally funny? You send it up to the Sattelite of Love for Mike and the robots to mercilessly make fun of it.

So someone did.

Go read it, it’s hysterical!


Kudos to Plextor


Early Morning Weekend Conversation


  1. That was hilarious! Thank you for the link. *grins*

  2. That was funnier than the real MST3K!

  3. Oh, man. That was hilarious!

    The sad part is that there are folks out there who will burn D&D rulebooks, rock albums, even the Koran. They’re so convinced that they’re right that there’s no use convincing them or debating them.
    And it’s protected by the First Amendment.

  4. That’s great!

  5. No, no, you missed the point. Role playing games not played by witches are fine.

    The problem is I can’t find one …

    Did anyone else notice the slam on Yvonne Frost?

  6. Way cool.

    I just saw this, too. Hysterical. (Courtesy of Diane Duane)

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