Gwnewch y pethau bychain

Always Something There To Remind Me…

Meme vectored from nrivkis:

Post a memory of me in the comments. It can be anything you want. Then, of course, post this to your journal and see what people remember of you.


…in bed?




  1. When you came up to visit and help drive to Atlanta, I will never forget wandering out of my room and discovering that I wasn’t the first person awake. 🙂

  2. Sitting on the carpet in Wolf and Tigerlily’s old apartment, listening to you sing “Tangled Up in Blue” to me. 😀

  3. The bearhug you gave me at OVFF 2001 -- and me, being completely engulfed in that hug, trying to read your name badge, cuz I wasn’t quite sure who you were … all I really knew in that very moment was that you give excellent hugs 🙂

  4. There are a lot of nice memories, both online and in person -- but I think one of the sweetest ones was watching you at the zoo, Brittany perched on your shoulders.

  5. At my first GaFilk, listening to you and Steve Mac playing several songs essentially just for me, with Greg standing beside me and egging you on. We were sitting in the main room, I think, you two sitting and facing me… it was so much fun!

  6. Wenching you at a particular OVFF springs instantly to…mind…*grin*

  7. What a long strange trip it’s been

    I first encountered you on #filkhaven, about two years ago. I hopped on and you were once. I forgot what we talked about. I haven’t been back since I’ve been so busy at home.

    And then there was LiveJournal. I forgot how I encountered you here; probably through the friends-of-friends method.

    Then I finally got to meet you in person at OVFF 2003. Unfortunately, the times I saw you, you appeared to be “on call” that weekend and spent most of the time on the phone.

  8. I remember you inviting me to breakfast Monday morning after my first OVFF even though you barely knew me, and then talking to the group at the table (all of whom you knew pretty well except me) about having to go back and break up with your now-ex, as though you trusted the people you were speaking to, also even though you barely knew me.

  9. Where do I even start…. 🙂
    A very pleasant recent G rated memory -- you striding down the gravel path at the renfest in your piratical linen shirt and your swashbuckling plumed hat, looking like you were having more fun that should be G rated to talk about. *G*

  10. Meeting you for the first time at OVFF after hearing many good things about you and finding out they were all true.

  11. I remember…

    at my first gafilk or was it a ovff.. i remember walking in the hallway and giving you a beard scritch. your salivating reaction of a complete stranger giving you a scritch let me know you were worth my time. Then later we talked in the consuite and i listed you as one of the people i look forward to seeing at cons.

  12. Sitting on your lap at an IF auction -- I would have forgotten but for the fine, fine photos posted on the web. I had so much fun doing that!

  13. I remember when I first showed up in #filkhaven, and you & bardling--& the others whose names are escaping me--made me feel so welcome as you began the corrupting process. Wow, it seems like it was only a couple weeks ago! Funny how time flies…

  14. Memory…

    Hmm… I have lots of memories of working with you and all, but the most vivid memory I have is the night of the fire. Walking up and down that damned hill dozens of times, while on my cell phone calling hospitals trying to find you, with few people speaking English and *no one* knowing what happened to you all. And the relief I felt when I finally did find you and K. and the kitties at the hospital.

    Don’t you *ever* scare me like that again 😉

  15. A breakfast at OVFF -- where I think I met you -- and a lot of laughter. Also watching coupling with you at ‘s house. It really felt like you guys were part of a “family” down there and I miss that even though I love VT. :-/

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