Gwnewch y pethau bychain


For some reason, today I feel like a 13 year old boy who just discovered his dad’s stash of Playboys.




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  1. Hey, works for me. Sometimes we just have a day where we have to say ‘dude, sex is cool! And I saw a boobie!’

    *takes top off*

    Happy now?

  2. ::chortle::

    [pusher persona]
    Hey little boy. I can hook you up with some really great PWP fic.


    You want that I should give you a few URLs?
    [/pusher persona]

  3. I’m in a similar mode myself and even have a date lined up for tonight. But it’s the initial meeting date, and I try to keep those sex-free.

    It’s going to be difficult. Toys will need to be used upon getting home.

    • Mmmm, toys. Toys can be fun. And they’re always in the mood, and never want anything more than possibly new batteries.

      Ok, so they’re not very good conversationalists, but they certainly do what they do with aplomb. 🙂

  4. 13?

    Someone got an early start!

  5. So you’re feeling a little randy? *wink*

    Oh… oops… I forgot you came out of the closet a long time ago on Jedi.

    Doc is a kind, considerate goddess…


    • Re: So you’re feeling a little randy? *wink*

      *smiles sweetly* I’ve never had a problem embracing my feminine side. *bats eylashes*

  6. I swear, it’s a trend. I’m climbing the walls. One of my sweeties is having erotic dreams, which almost never happens to them. Someone else on my reading list is reporting the same feelings for the last two days. Spring has sprung in a big way for some of us.

  7. Damn… below the age of consent. too bad. >:)
    (kidding, duh!)

  8. A friend of mine noted today that I am showing the effects of spring as well. 😉

  9. And me all the way up here in MA. What are we to do? *sigh* -H…

  10. All the comments I’d like to make would most likely get me in trouble one way or another 🙂 so I’ll just content myself with a leerng “no comment”

  11. See, we in Cali don’t have this problem. It’s spring all the time.


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