Gwnewch y pethau bychain

You’re interested in what??

Fun looking meme, which I saw first over kightp‘s way.

Go browse through my list of interests and pick one that either 1) you know nothing about but sounds intriguing, or 2) you know something about but can’t fathom why yours truly would be interested in it, and request an explanation.


Unexpected Gift


Toy Story


  1. what does btvs stand for?

  2. Okay, I’ll bite… why is UNIX so important to you that it’s on your interests list?

    • Hrm. Well, it’s what I do for a living, so it’s something I spend a lot of time thinking about and learning more about.

  3. sapiosexuality?

    • sapiosexuality is being attracted to and sexually oriented towards intelligence. I think I ran across here on livejournal, and fell in love with the concept.

      If you look at all my girlfriends (past and present), they have a variety of appearance, but they are all highly intelligent.

  4. Zen tourism?

    • “Zen Tourism” is how I describe the way I do vacations and tourism in general. Basically, I refuse to plan to do X on vacation. I go to a place, and I wander around and see what’s there, and let whatever happens to me happen. I find it’s much less stressful than planning a complicated itenerary that never actually survives being implemented because of unforseen events or obstacles. Better to just go with the flow and take whatever comes your way.

  5. word puzzles -- good one! I should add that. 🙂
    internet culture -- general, or specific?

    • Oh, just in general. I’ve been invovled with a lot of community building on the internet, with JediMUD and, and also participated in a lot of online communites, starting with UMNews and Relay back in the BITNET days. I find the way that communities develop without regard to geography somewhat facinating.

  6. Do I have to pick just one??
    1) you know nothing about but sounds intriguing,
    Ok -- so tell me about “sapiosexuality”?

    and -- what is one of your favorite “distinctly different but wonderful” cover songs? For example a few of my favorites:

    • the Kallet Epstein and Ciccone cover of “My Home Town” by Bruce Springsteen
    • Holly Cole’s version of “I Can See Clearly Now”
    • and (although I don’t like it) the Marilyn Manson cover of “Sweet Dreams are Made of These”, which, is certainly a unique take on the original. (yeah, yeah, I know I’ve asked you about this before but hey, covering songs is a passion of mine for obvious reasons! Suggestions always welcome btw! 😉
    • Oops -- now that I actually read the other comments I see that my 1) question was answered… oh well -- we have too many interests in commone for me to pick another one I know nothing about but how about: What is it you like about baseball? Do you prefer to see Major games or minor league (I decided that seeing minor minor league stuff is the way to go -- nothing quite like a “Lansing Lug Nuts” game for example! But then -- I’m not a baseball fan. ) 😉

      • Major league, minor league, semi-pro, little league. doesn’t matter, I just love the game of baseball. I love the history, I love the strategy, I just love the way the game *feels*, if that makes any sense at all.

        • As a non-fan of baseball I loved the movie “Bull Durham” and it was what convinced me to go to a “Lansing Lug Nuts” game with Mike and Gwen. I had a terrific time. Very relaxed, cheap, everyone just out to have fun including the players… I liked the movie a lot, I felt like it gave me a much better sense of why people like the game. Didn’t really turn me into a fan but at least gave me a glimpse of the culture. (and yeah, I think Susan Sarandon is wonderful) 😉

  7. The ones that jumped out at me have already been taken. I’m a slacker. 🙂

    What are some of your favorite legends?

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