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Everybody’s working for the weekend…

Or in my case, working through the weekend. We got a lot done the last two days, though I remain frustrated that every time we finish packing a box, I look around at it seems like there’s 10% more than there was before. (hsifyppah suggests to me that this is because all the things that were packed in are all saying “Oh, that’s better, there’s space! *Streeeeeeeeetch!*” Little by little, though, we are getting things done.

Four boxes of clothing are stacked by the door. We will ship these, rather than make space in the car, because they’re relatively light and we won’t need them until we get to the other side of the journey anyway. Our washing machine and dryer, which were only six years old, have been given to a good home, along with a number of tools and other miscellany. The remaining books have been sorted into “the ones we’re taking with us” (because we have to have SOME books, or it won’t be home) and “the ones that go to storage).

Gafilk prep (which is happening simultaneous to all this) continues apace. I will check the mailbox one last time tomorrow before checking badges. And hawklady texted me earlier with a photo of the lovely cheeses that are being smoked for the con suite, which I passed on to Twitter:

“Sharp cheddar, 3yr cheddar, Gouda, Manchego, Pepperjack & Jarlsberg in smoker about to be turned #gafilk #consuiteprep ”

Between these two things, I have a long list of things to do tomorrow, but still quite a lot has been accomplished over the weekend! We celebrated by sitting down to watch two more episodes of Season 2 of Game of Thrones, which we had gotten sidetracked from earlier in the year and never gotten back to, and a very old episode of The Big Bang Theory to cleanse the palate afterwards. (I love GoT, but it’s unrelentingly grim and there’s only so much of it you can watch at a time before you need something light and cheerful to chase it with.)

How was your weekend?

Starting the week right

Feeling pretty good this morning. Got up by 8am to see kitanzi off to her new job, got 25m in on the treadmill (15m running), and still have two hours before I have to show up for work.

Spent the weekend being exceptionally lazy. Made a trip to Fry's to pick up a couple of things, watched a few episodes of "Stephen Fry In America", and poked around for a video game that might hold my interest for more than 15 minutes.

Short week this week, as we're getting a four-day weekend for Labour Day. No Dragon*con for me, though if there's an AIE and/or Tadpool meetup that's happening outside the badge perimeter, I might be willing to pop down for that.

Delightful Day

I slept late this morning, after having stayed up late the night before, so I was still a bit bleary eyed when I sat down to start scanning LJ and Facebook this morning. Saw that tigerbright mentioned the cinema broadcast of the resent mini-revival Stephen Sondheim’s Company, starring Neil Patrick Harris. I’d wanted to go see this when I first heard about it, and then promptly forget to note it on my calendar. Did a quick check, and sure enough, it was playing at a theatre near my house.

For one show. In an hour.

“So,” I said casually to kitanzi, “How do you feel about dropping everything and rushing off to the movies to see a Broadway musical?”

I waffled a bit back and forth, but finally decided to take a quick shower and get dressed and we dashed off to The Avenue in Forsyth County to catch the show.

I’m glad we did. The cast, anchored by Harris with support from Christina Hendricks, Steven Colbert, Jon Cryer, Patti LuPone and others, was marvellous, and given the subject matter of the show, we laughed a lot. (I’d heard most of the songs over the years, but had never actually seen an entire production of it.) Larissa also had a good time, and we walked out of the theatre in considerably high spirits.

Made a detour to do a little clothes shopping, and then back home for a lovely dinner and catching up a bit on Mythbusters. Not a bad way to spend a Sunday afternoon. 🙂

Weekend: Atlanta quarterly housefilk, college food

This past weekend was the Atlanta area housefilk, which very nearly snuck up on us, but we were reminded of it in time to make plans to attend, which was a goodness. Last year we decided to drop back to quarterly housefilks rather than monthly, in the hopes that people would make more of an effort to attend if they were held less often. So far, this plan has been working out quite well, as the last several have been very well attended. I didn’t make an official count, but there were at least 15 people gathered at Dave and Signe’s house to make some music.

I don’t recall all of what I played, but here’s a partial list:

Roland The Headless Thompson Gunner (Warren Zevon)
The Queen of Air and Darkness (Poul Andersen)
Sam’s Song (Zander Nyrond)
Follow That Road (Anne Hills)
Brain Damage (Pink Floyd)

We got to hear a couple of new songs from catsittingstill, which is always a treat, and Harry did a lovely Viking song that I’d not heard before. thatcrazycajun and singing_phoenix arrived just before we were leaving, so we didn’t get to hear either of them sing anything.

Sunday, I treated myself to a bit of imported nostalgia. The Taco Stand was already an institution in Athens when I moved there in 1989, and I had many a tasty meal there. It’s one of the places I’d make a point to visit when I was back in Athens since moving away 13 years ago. Saturday, while returning from picking up some things at the tailor’s, I spotted a Taco Stand sign in a shopping centre on Old Alabama Connector, so I stopped and asked them if they were connected to the ones in Athens. I was told they were, though this one was independently owned. Good enough for me. I took a menu with me and told them I’d return.

The Taco Stand is what I affectionately call “college food”. Cheap, abundant, simple, and very tasty if it’s the sort of thing you enjoy. It’s the sort of thing I enjoy. I had the deluxe burrito and a quesadilla, and kitanzi had the chicken tacos. It was a delightful meal.

All in all, a good weekend.

The Weekend Review

The weekend was largely quiet, for one reason or another. Which isn’t do say it wasn’t filled with good social time.

Friday night, I learned that City of Heroes was having a free reactivation weekend. Games like CoH do this periodically, where they turn on all the accounts of people who left the game and stopped paying for access, hoping to lure some of them back to look at the cool new things they’ve done in the mean time. The last time I’d logged into CoH was about 3 years ago, so I figured “What the heck”, let’s see what’s new in Paragon City. It took me a while to get used to the controls, mostly because WoW and CoH have the Y axis of the mouse reversed. Once I adjusted for that, I bounced around on my old scrapper, Magic Librarian, and poked around the crafting system that has been added since I left, and ran some missions on the new alignment system, which looks cool. I’m tempted to start up my subscription again, just to have a fun little time-wasting game for days I’m especially bored. CoH is a superb “casual” game that you can dart in and out of, especially with some of the chances they’ve made. I’m particularly interested in exploring the new alignment system the recent expansion added.

Saturday, I had plans farther afield. Dina (onmeadmountain) was visiting her mom and dad for a week, including the weekend, and by the weekend her husband Don and their two oldest kids should also have arrived from their camping trip, making it an ideal time to see them. (Her parents live about 3 hours away, whereas they live between 6 and 7 hours away by car.) I got away from the house at about 10am, which was about an hour later than I’d hoped, but it was a soft clear day, and I had several long podcasts to listen to, so I was looking forward to taking my Prius out on its first proper road trip. (kitanzi elected to stay home and unwind, rather than take the trip.)

It was a reasonably uneventful trip until I got to Chattanooga, where I decided I wanted a beverage. I stopped at a gas station, and started to go inside, when I realized that I didn’t have my wallet. I quickly checked the car, and in the jacket I had tossed in the back seat, but it was in neither. I had obviously left it at home, which meant I had no ID, no credit cards, and $2.50 in quarters to my name. Not an ideal circumstance, but since I was already well over halfway to my destination, I elected to skip the beverage and go on up to the house.

I next had one of those lovely “I rely on technology too much” moments that are always interesting. When I approached Spring City, my GPS cheerfully informs me: “You are entering an uncharted area. Turn-by-turn directions will no longer be available.” Um, okay. No worries, right? I have a mobile phone, i’ll just call t hem and get the directions from here to the house. So I picked up my phone, and saw the words ‘No Service’. Well, isn’t that grand?

I figured that in the worst case scenario, I could stop and borrow a phone from the fast food place on Main Street, but I drove back and forth a couple of times first, looking for a clue. “Hrm, that street looks familiar”, I said, spotting a school about a block down from the main strip. So I turned down that side street and past the school, I found a road with a similar name to the road my destination was on, so I turned down it, and found the road I was looking for. I feel pretty impressed with myself for this bit of geographical memory; the last time I’d been to Dina’s parents house was for her baby shower for Kailyn. Kailyn is now 12 years old. 🙂

Having located my destination, I went inside to visit. I got to see the sailing ship Conner made out of tinkertoys, and Briana practice her rushing tackle. She packs quite a wallop for a not-yet-two year old. Kailyn was in the high energy whirlwind of someone who is just getting over being sick, which left her a bit wiped out and cranky by days end, and I’m afraid I may have spent some of the Good Uncle points I have accumulated when I brightly suggested she could practice her flute, a task I knew she was procrastinating on, when she complained of being bored. But she did in fact go and do that thing, and I heard her from up the stairs. She’s getting pretty good on that thing. I hope she sticks with it.

Most of the visit was just hanging out in quiet conversation, though. I geeked about sound reenforcement with Dina’s father, looked at all the gemstones that Don and the kids had collected during their camping trip to North Carolina, and we talked a bit about the house in Kentucky that I have yet to go and see. Eventually came a delightful spaghetti dinner with homemade banana bread for dessert.

Of course, no visit with Don & Dina and the children would be complete without some out of context quotes from the day:

  • “She hurt her face on my ear.”
  • “I’m so perky! No wonder I’m sick!”
  • “There you go! I’m like the Prius of Christianity!”

    The only down moment of the visit came when it was time to go. Walking down the stairs to say goodbye to Conner, who was watching TV in the basement, I felt something twinge in my calf and my leg buckled slightly. It was very painful to walk on, but I figured it was just a cramp and didn’t think much of it. I put ice on it briefly, tried to walk it off a bit, and figured it would work itself out. Since it wasn’t terribly painful unless I put weight on it, I collected hugs and drove home, using the cruise control to make sure I didn’t go too fast and attract any official attention, since I still didn’t have any ID on me. I got home a little after 11 and fell into bed.

    Sunday, my leg still hurt, so I spent a very quiet day split between more City of Heroes and a four hour block of Leverage. Monday, I called my doctor and was lucky enough to get an immediate appointment, so I hobbled in to get it checked out.

    After being poked and prodded (and scolded for not following up on something I was instructed to follow up on last time I was in), I was sent to the facility next door to undergo a procedure that would determine if there was a blood clot causing the pain. This was the one possibility that could have serious consequences, so they wanted to make sure and rule it out. Fortunately, that came up clear, so I was sent on my way with a prescription for diclofenac and orders to rest my leg as much as possible.

    So that’s all the news from Jefferson Creek. How was your weekend?

  • Georgia Renfaire 2009 Birthday Expedition

    Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is….tradition!

    IMG_0997It has been our custom, in recent years, to celebrate kitanzi‘s birthday with a trip to the Georgia Renaissance Festival, though we missed it last year (ultimately getting our ren-fix at King Richard’s Faire in Massachusetts). There were solid reasons to consider not going this weekend (I’ve been having some trouble with my hip and the faire involves a lot of walking), but I’m tired of coming up with reasons not to do enjoyable things, so I elected to uphold the tradition. Besides, late April really is the best time to go for Georgia’s faire — it’s early enough in the season that the weather tends to be a bit cooler. This year we were graced with nearly perfect conditions — slightly cloudy, breezy and warm but not hot.

    We took off early from home, aiming to hit the gates at opening. We detoured by Ikea to pick up our friend Alice, who was spending the day with us, and headed south…down the wrong interstate. This is what happens when you don’t take the GPS because you know where you’re going, but the conversation in the car is more interesting than navigation. *blush*

    IMG_0912The crowds were noticeably thinner this year than in the past; I have no doubt the economy is biting luxury entertainment like RenFaires pretty hard. We wandered in and out of shops, picked up some brunch from one of the food vendors, and sat and watched people go by for a while while we contemplated what shows we wanted to see. There was some new stuff at the Faire this year, and some people noticeably missing. Most conspicuous in their absence were The Lost Boys; in fact, there were very few musical acts on the grounds this year. Three Quarter Ale and Groghat shared the tavern stage, and besides them, there were none of the more traditional musical acts there.

    There was, however, one rather astonishing non-traditional musical act. Cast In Bronze featured a single performer playing a four ton carillon which was simply awesome to behold. Most of his act featured recorded backing tracks, onto which he’d add a dizzying array of bells and chimes. When he started into “Tubular Bells”, I nearly fell off my bench. Great stuff.

    kitanzi: Can you imagine playing something like that?
    autographedcat: Hard to set up in the filkroom, though.

    The other event which was new to us was All The Kings Horses, an absolutely stunning display of dressage featuring a trio of stallions (one Lipizzan, one Andalusian, and a black beauty whose lineage I am unsure of — plus an American-bred miniature named “Goliath”). The performance was a wonderful combination of artistry and horsemanship, and I wish I’d had time to go back and catch their show again before we left that day.

    We stayed until after 3pm, which was later than we’d originally thought we might, and headed back to the car just as the rain started to roll in. After dropping Alice off at Ikea, we headed home for a relaxing evening with takeout from the Greek place on the corner and a couple of episodes of QI.

    Not a bad way to spend the weekend, if’n I do say so myself.


    Had a marvelously relaxing weekend.

    Friday night, we drove down to Sandy Springs to meet up with zencuppa and waltzr, who were in town for a dance event. We ate at Mirage, a Persian restaurant that happyfunpaul and I discovered while waiting for his train on his last visit to us a couple of years ago. I had been promising to take kitanzi ever since, and zencuppa and waltzr suggested they liked ethnic foods, so we decided it would be a perfect time. We were not disappointed. Kit and i started by splitting a plate of dolmeh, succulant grape leaves stuffed with rice, onions, and raisins, while Andrea opted for the ash-e-anar, a pomegranate soup that looked nearly thick enough to eat with a fork. We then all went for lamb dishes. Kit, Andrea and I each ordered the barreh kabogs with a side of shirin polo that was spilling off the plate, while Jim went for, I believe, rack of lamb with a side of baghala polo. Everything was absolutely delicious, and the conversation was even better. After stuffing ourselves to the brim with good food, we sent them off to their dances and headed home for the night.

    Saturday, we went down the street to Massage Envy to spend an hour being professionally de-stressed. This was intended to be part of kitanzi‘s birthday present last week, but a last minute scheduling problem caused us to relocate the appointment for Saturday morning. I walked out, as always, feeling much more relaxed and happy than I went in. I believe I could stand to spend an hour every day on that table, though my wallet would not thank me for it. After the massages, we popped over to Cracker Barrel for a large and satisfying lunch, and then back home.

    Sunday, our friend Alice came over for brunch, and we had a good time over several hours chatting about all manner of things. I always enjoy when she comes over, because she always has interesting things to talk about. (Brunch, since this started as a foodblog post, was “impossible pie” made with sausage, apples, and cinnamon, along with a side salad of mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, and pears seasoned with balsamic vinegar. Afterwards was strawberries and whipped cream with spiced angelfood cake. I did nothing; it was all kitanzi.

    Over dinner, we finally caught up with NBC’s Heroes. Oh. My. God. This show juts keeps getting better and better. I’m looking forward to the season finale just to see how it all ends. (And I hope that the current arc does end definitively — or at least as definitively as a comic book story ever does. I’d hate to see this turn into another Lost or X-Files.) This most recent episode proved that the series has not yet lost its capacity to surprise me, and every episode seems to leave us watching the fade to black and saying “Whoa.”

    So, what did you do fun with your weekend?

    RenFaire Weekend!

    We had a fun weekend, overall. Saturday, we returned to the glam stylings of the Georgia Renaissance Festival for a second weekend, thanks in no small part to comp tickets slipped us by tarkrai, who is working the Faire this year as a street performer. We’d heard enough about his act that we wanted to make sure we caught it.

    We got to the festival grounds just in time for the opening of the Gate at 10:30, and promptly wandered to the back of the village, intending to work our way forwards this time to see the bits we hadn’t seen a couple of weeks ago. About 20 minutes later, we touched base with thatcrazycajun, singing_phoenix, and SP’s mother, who we had arranged to meet and spend the day with. We caught up with them in time to catch most of a magic show featuring a clever illusionist and an amazing contortionist. We then wandered back up and around, stopping in the shops and admiring the various folks in costume. Sadly, this weekend was a much more typical Georgia summer day than our unseasonably cool trip two weeks ago. We eventually decided to sit for a while, stopping to catch the Tortuga Twins show, which is always good for a laugh, and then sat through to see the Lost Boys. This is the first chance we’d had to see the Lost Boys since three-quarters of their lineup changed. Their show was still a lot of fun, with a mix of old and new songs, and we decided that they were still good, just different.

    Once the Lost Boys wrapped up, we picked up a copy of their newest CD, and wandered back down the dusty lanes, where we happened to run into tarkrai, in his guise as gallamor the bard. I immediately tasked him with singing a song for kitanzi, which turned out to be quite amusing. She refused to tell him her name, so he dubbed her Cassandra and sang of how she and her consort, the Dread Pirate Roberts #42 (me), and her crew were here to take over the Faire. And of course, I got a lot of pictures. (After being scolded for the lack of kitanzi photos in the last set, I should note that there are kitanzi photos in this set. Still none of me, alas, as I was holding the camera, unless singing_phoenix got some she’d like to share with me. Photos of gallamor start on Page 8, for those impatient to see that sequence. *grin*)

    We then retired to the Tea Room for a light lunch, and then wandered about a bit more, and finally picked up an earlier purchase we had made, a gift for friends that we’ll deliver later in the summer, and headed for the luxury of air conditioning and home. Being exhausted, we attempted to order in Chinese, but the restaurants phone was out, so we went down the street to eat there, instead.

    Sunday was mostly a relaxed day. We watched the latest Doctor Who serial, The Age of Steel, which was marvelous. Or at least, I thought it was. I’m a member of a lot of different discussion groups for shows I enjoy, from Doctor Who to CSI to House, and I sometimes wonder if I just have low standards for entertainment, or at the very least such different expectations that i’m not compatible with the greater FanMind, that I’m no longer fit to discuss things with these groups. I will watch something, find it totally enjoyable, then go online and see post after post about how “That was just awful and I hated it!” I can’t even find the common context with those folks to really have a discussion with them, so I mostly end up skimming over the commentary and not really reading it. And I feel a…loss to myself, because the whole point, for me, of watching TV and movies is to be able to discuss it with other intelligent people who share my interests. I fear I’m growing old. Or maybe the discussion groups are just growing young. Either way, I find it puzzling.

    The rest of the day was spent playing City of Villains and waiting for the apartment complex to send someone to fix the AC, which was underpowered again. I finally impressed them that something was wrong with it more than just needing to recharge it. The guy who came was new, and said that we might need an entirely new unit, and certainly needed a new thermostat. He did get it back to cooling the house properly (before, it woudln’t get below about 80F/27C no matter what you did, which wasn’t a problem until the last few days when the weather warmed back up) and promised to be back within the next day or two to replace the thermostat. So we made Thai chicken and watched the finale of CSI:Vegas (No-spoiler review: Wow) before heading for bed.

    All in all, a fun weekend, full of friends and festivals and good food and all the joys of life. I could enjoy a lifetime of such days.

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