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Delightful Day

I slept late this morning, after having stayed up late the night before, so I was still a bit bleary eyed when I sat down to start scanning LJ and Facebook this morning. Saw that tigerbright mentioned the cinema broadcast of the resent mini-revival Stephen Sondheim’s Company, starring Neil Patrick Harris. I’d wanted to go see this when I first heard about it, and then promptly forget to note it on my calendar. Did a quick check, and sure enough, it was playing at a theatre near my house.

For one show. In an hour.

“So,” I said casually to kitanzi, “How do you feel about dropping everything and rushing off to the movies to see a Broadway musical?”

I waffled a bit back and forth, but finally decided to take a quick shower and get dressed and we dashed off to The Avenue in Forsyth County to catch the show.

I’m glad we did. The cast, anchored by Harris with support from Christina Hendricks, Steven Colbert, Jon Cryer, Patti LuPone and others, was marvellous, and given the subject matter of the show, we laughed a lot. (I’d heard most of the songs over the years, but had never actually seen an entire production of it.) Larissa also had a good time, and we walked out of the theatre in considerably high spirits.

Made a detour to do a little clothes shopping, and then back home for a lovely dinner and catching up a bit on Mythbusters. Not a bad way to spend a Sunday afternoon. 🙂


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  1. Hey, we just went to see that today, too!

    And I utterly loved every minute of it, even if it was kind of either the most uplifting depressing show I ever saw, or the most depressing uplifting show….

  2. 🙂 I’m glad you got to see it. It sounds like fun.

  3. 😀 Wish I could have gone with you!

  4. It made me so happy. Even though this means that I’ve had songs from it stuck in my head ever since. (It doesn’t help that some of the songs from that show tend to get stuck there anyway.)

    We saw it last thursday. Sooo happy. Wish there were more showings of it. Or a DVD which I could watch. Over and over and over. Or maybe just fastforward to Christina Hendricks undressing… whichever.

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