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Friday Five: Perspectives

The Friday Five is a set of interesting things I ran across over the course of the week that I thought were worth sharing widely. Most of these were already shared on my Facebook feed, but I wanted to elevate them and put them in front of people for a second time. I hope to make this a weekly feature in the future.

whose deadly web ensnareth thee abouttywinning asked you: 2012-08-09 03:37 As a professor, may I ask you what you think about fanfiction? I think fanfiction is literature and literature, for the most part, is fanfiction, and that anyone that dismisses it simply on the grounds that it’s derivative knows fuck-all about literature and needs to get the hell off my lawn.

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Lena Dunham and Mindy Kaling Address Gender BiasLena Dunham interviewed Mindy Kaling for Rookie: Yearbook Two, and the interview covers what you’d expect those two to cover: showrunning, pop culture, moms, feminism, Nora Ephron, women’s magazines. They also both expressed their exasperation with institutionalized misogyny. Dunham: Do you ever get embarrassed to point out gender bias?

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Stonekettle StationI’m not a particularly reflective kind of guy. I don’t spend a hell of a lot of time dwelling on the past. For me, as someone who spent most of my adult life in the uniform of my country, every day is a day to remember those I served with.

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How I Learned To Stop Explaining How Old Things Make Me Feel“Get ready to feel old.” I read this on Twitter almost every day, and usually it’s a good-natured reminder that something loved by many people of approximately my vintage (born in 1970) has hit a particular anniversary. Big was 25 years ago, you know. She’s So Unusual was 30 years ago.

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The Things Nobody Tells You About GriefI’m on countdown mode. It’s been almost a year without my mom. In my head, this breaks down into hundreds of phone calls, cups of tea, and hugs and kisses that haven’t been exchanged, and a landmark birthday of mine-all missing from my 2013 memory log.

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RP, Fanfic, and other pursuits

altoidsaddict has a fascinating essay on fanfiction and RP, and why people engage in it. The conclusions he reaches are interesting, and a lot of food for thought.

Comparing fanfic to original writing is not quite like apples and oranges. It’s more like grapefruit to tangelos. Okay, so fanfic is writing – but it has a different purpose than original writing, and to urge fanficcers to stop wasting their time and write something original ignores that the act of writing is almost incidental. (Yes, yes, you who are about to object, you’re precious, creative stars in the galaxy of craft. Just a sec.) How I communicate to a reader as a writer is drastically different in purpose from how fanficcers communicate with other fandom folk. Yes, they have a lot in common – but the primary purpose is different, the human motivations are different, and that changes everything.

Go read the whole thing. It’s chewy crunchy thoughtfood.

FIC: Someone to Watch Over You

I don’t actually write fanfic very often. but I got the idea for this the other day, and decided to write it down.

Narnia/1776 crossover

Mr Tumnus: [as Aslan is about to swat a fly] Mr. Secretary, Narnia abstains, courteously.

[Aslan raises a huge paw at Tumnus, then draws back]

Aslan: Mr. Tumnus, [pause, then roars] WHAT IN THE NAME OF TASH GOES ON IN NARNIA?

Mr. Tumnus: I’m sorry, my lord, but the simple fact is that our legislature has never sent us explicit instructions on anything!

Aslan: NEVER? [slams paw onto his desk] That’s impossible!

Mr Tumnus: My lord, have you ever been to Caer Paravel?

[Aslan shakes his head “No”]

Mr. Tumnus: There are four thrones there, to seat the two sons of Adam and two daughters of Eve who are to rule all of Narnia. But the four thrones have been empty for a very long time. With the result that nothing ever gets done. [turns to the Congress as he returns to his seat] I beg the Congress’s pardon.

Aslan: [grimly] My sympathies, Mr. Tumnus.

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