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FIC: Someone to Watch Over You

I don’t actually write fanfic very often. but I got the idea for this the other day, and decided to write it down.

Someone To Watch Over You

I stood over the crib, staring down at the sleeping infant. I had waited a long time for this moment to come, to finally be manifest again. As I watched, his eyes opened slightly, and he gurgled, as if he were happy to see me.

“Hi there, little guy,” I said softly. “Welcome to the world.”


The voice came from behind me. I was slow to turn around.

“Hello, again,” I said pleasantly. “It’s been a long time.”

I looked at my old charge. He’d grown into quite a respectable young man since I last saw him. Maturity fit him well, but I could still see that mischievous twinkle in his eye, and I knew that his imagination and creativity were still as active as ever.

“You….you disappeared.” He managed at last. “I don’t really remember when, but one day you just weren’t around anymore. Sometimes, I even wondered if you were real.”

“Oh, I’m real. I always was, and I was never that far away. I disappeared because you didn’t need me anymore. That’s the way of it, really. There comes a time when you no longer need my guidance, and I step back and let you find your way on your own.”

He pondered this. He’d become thoughtful, and this pleased me.

“So, are you saying that you’ve come back because I need you again.”

I chuckled, softly. “No. You’re just fine. In fact, you probably won’t see me again after tonight. I’m here because he needs me now, the way you needed me and your father before you.” I glanced at the baby, who seemed to be watching us intently in the glow of the soft nightlight.

“Ah.” There was a hint of regret in his voice, but also an understanding. “Well, I’m glad I got to see you again, just this once, then. I know you’ll take as good care of him…as you did of me.”

“Of course I will, old friend.” I clasped his shoulder and smiled the way only a tiger can.

“Dear?” A voice floated up the stairs.

“In the nursery, dear!” he called softly.

“I should be going then,” I said. “By the way..what’s his name?”

“Calvin. We named him Calvin.”

I slowly faded from his view as his pretty young wife walked in. “Who were you talking to, dear? Were you talking to the baby?”

“No, mostly to myself. I was just thinking about an old friend.” He stared down at the stuffed tiger in his hands, and carefully placed it in the crib next to his son.

They stood there for a while, and watched the baby fall asleep before quietly slipping back down the stairs, leaving me to stand watch, as I have always done.


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  1. that is simple and lovely . . . I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything with Calvin all grown up. But I like the idea that Hobbes is a bit of a family familiar.

  2. Awww…

    But then I’ve always had a soft spot for Calvin and Hobbes — they were one of the few things that could make my dad laugh out loud for the last couple of years before he died.

    I still think he was Calvin’s prototype [g].

  3. Very cool, Rob!

  4. That’s beautiful. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Oooh, that is short & sweet & excellent!! *mistyeyed hug*

  6. Started tearing up about halfway through :).

    At first I too thought it was Calvin grown up but when he said the baby’s name it rearranged itself in a really wonderful way.

    Thanks :).

  7. That’s lovely. It made me cry.

  8. Lovely. Nice twist.

  9. My oldest and best imaginary friend, Bobby, still visits me during the Olympic Games, and runs outside vehicles in which I’m riding, for my amusement. (He occasionally pops up when I’m driving, but only to wave briefly at a red light or in stopped traffic; he has no intention of getting me killed.) I asked him once what would happen to him when I was dead. He said he’d find another little girl — probably not my kid, since he was going to stay with me for the rest of my life, but if there was a girlchild of the right age in my line, that’d be first choice. If not, he’d jump families; he’s done it before on occasion. I asked him whether he’d jumped families to get to me, or whether he’d come from one of the people in my family who died before I was the right age, and he wouldn’t answer; said it wasn’t my business.

    • That’s sweet.

      I don’t recall any of my imaginary friends from childhood, though I must have had some. I do remember making up lots of stories, but they were closer to fanfic than to conversations.

      I almost have one now, though Amethyst is neither exactly a friend nor exactly imaginary, and as far as I can remember she’s never spoken to me.

      • I had several, but few of them remain with me. Ann and her brother Michael live on the island where I grew up, and I still see them once in a while when I visit my mom. Some of the others, who lived together near me when I was a teenager, have gone their own way now but visit once in a while and tell me what they’re up to. Bobby is the only one who’s followed me.

  10. Oh, I like that!

    Just sweet enough to make me reach for a hanky.

  11. That’s very sweet. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. That’s so <3 !
    I always thought that Calvin’s father was probably just the same when he was a kid…! :o)))

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  13. Thanks; that brightened my day.

  14. I came by to tell you Happy Birthday, and ended up wibbling over this story. ๐Ÿ™‚

    *hugs you*

  15. That’s terrific -- Calvin and Hobbes was something my son James and I shared as he (or maybe we) grew up.

    And happy birthday to you!

  16. Very nice.

    One of my favorite descriptions of C&H was one that pointed out that Hobbes came alive only when no one else is around. It was stated that way, and I knew that the writer meant “no, I don’t mean ‘comes alive in Calvin’s imagination’, I meant what I said!”

    At the time, I thought the concept was weird, but once I saw the execution, *wow*.

    (Besides, how could an imaginary tiger empty an entire bathtub with a “cannonball depth charge”?)

  17. That’s truly lovely. Thanks for posting it. It reminds me a bit of the end of “House at Pooh Corner”, but I like yours better. (I found your LJ when various mutual friends wished you a happy birthday — allow me to add my wishes to theirs.)

  18. Yeah, like Calvin in the last strip, you stick to your strengths (writing songs, usually ttto something I don’t know :). If you get any more ideas like Someone To Watch Over You, do share them with us, please. [g]

    Ann O.

    • Bugger Being Uncanonical!

      Chosen One thought it was real cute, but had a small nitpick. Didn’t the first strip have Calvin (a young kid, not a baby) asking his dad (I really liked his dad ๐Ÿ™‚ how to catch a tiger, and being told to set a trap with tuna fish, which worked! Anyone remember this?

      Ann O.

      • Re: Bugger Being Uncanonical!

        Sure, but I’ve established that Hobbes is alwyas there watching, but not always seen. So perhaps he just wainted until Calvin was old enough before arriving (and arranging things so that Calvin thought it was entirely his idea?)

  19. re: FIC: Someone to Watch Over You

    Tremendous, just tremendous. *smiles a bit tearily* You should write more.

  20. Love it.
    Thank you!

    And a belated happy birthday! ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. Superb vignette. I only hope that all new short people are so lucky. What a beautiful “passing of the torch”. ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. very nice indeed!

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