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30 Day Song Challenge – Day 25 – A Song You Like By An Artist No Longer Living

Today’s challenge invites us to share a song we like by an artist no longer living. There are a lot of musical heroes I could choose from. I’ve earlier in this challenge already shined a spotlight on David Bowie and Prince, so here’s my favourite Warren Zevon song, “Accidentally Like A Martyr”


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  1. T J Burnside Clapp

    One of many, many favorites by a hero of mine. I used to perform this one as a duet with my brother … the chorus is particularly appropriate at this time of year. <3

    • T J Burnside Clapp

      OH MAN -- I just found this version I’d never seen before! The real Mr. Tanner (Martin Tubridy of Dayton, OH) performing with Steve Chapin & the band! Break out the tissues. ?

  2. David Weingart

    That’s probably my favourite Warren Zevon song.

  3. Paul Kwinn

    Dave Carter’s another one taken too soon:

  4. Bruce Adelsohn

    Two of my favorite late artists here: Woody Guthrie wrote it and Pete Seeger performs.

  5. Heather Munn

    Chapin, Lennon, Carter…too many to choose from. So, I’m gonna use this moment to remember Michael Hutchense:

  6. Juanita Coulson

    Strange Fruit by Josh White Jr.

  7. Jim Poltrone

    Eric Woolfson — one half of the Alan Parsons Project. This is the title track from his musical based on the life of Sigmund Freud.

  8. Jim Poltrone

    And another one…..

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