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30 Day Song Challenge – Day 18 – A Song From The Year You Were Born

I was born in 1970, which was a pretty great year for music. The Billboard year-end Top 100 chart would make a pretty killer playlist.

I’m going with a song that reflected the mood of the times, and sadly, which still does. It would require almost no alteration to bring this song into the present. Here’s The Temptations, with “Ball of Confusion”.


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  1. Dan Hollifield

    No mods needed. It’s as true today as it was then, and all too real.

  2. Heather Munn

    So this is the “Song from the year you were born”? (Had to look up what the challenge was today) I’ve got to go with the song that was at the Top of the Billboard charts the very day I was born. What can I say? I was born under a good musical sign:

  3. Jim Poltrone

    I’m’ma copying Heather and list the song that was #1 the week I was born.

    Little-known fact: When I was younger, I thought the members were named Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. And Frankie Valli’s shrill falsetto? Yep, that’s Winter all right.

  4. Lori Coulson

    Here’s mine — I’ll let you guess the year:

  5. Paul Kwinn

    This was actually released the year before I was born (although, as a Christmas song, not by much). But it made the Hot 100 in the year of my birth too.

  6. Bruce Adelsohn

    Sometimes, the perfect song is low-hanging fruit.1961:

  7. Laura Gallagher

    From 1969 -- released, IIRC, about the time I took my first steps.

  8. Bob Decker

    From 1954, yes I’m another old geek, retired too

  9. T J Burnside Clapp

    OK, I find this hilarious. Here’s my choice for the year of my birth (1961) … which directly contradicts the choice of my husband, who was born in the following year. ?

  10. Annette Spirit Davis

    !970 and I have always loved this song…..

  11. Dell Christy

    From a few months after I was born in 1961.

  12. Tiger Faircloth

    My band, the Java Jivers, cover “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction”. Didn’t realize it came out the year I was born ’til we started playing it.

  13. Tiger Faircloth

    The above is another song that came out the year I was born. Always loved anything Supremes!

  14. Lori Coulson

    This was on top of the charts the DAY I was born (how appropriate):

  15. Lee Billings

    Good ghod, are you that much younger than me?! I remember that from my teen years.

  16. Lee Billings

    Also, a deeply ironic lyric: “Politicians saying more taxes will solve everything.”

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