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30 Day Song Challenge – Day 14 – A Song You’d Love to Be Played At Your Wedding

Today’s challenge invites us to share a song we’d love to be played at our wedding. There’s a few songs that come to mind here; songs that were “our songs” early in our relationship, that meant a lot to us. When Larissa and I first got together, I was living in Atlanta and she in New Hampshire, so we spent a lot of time burning up the phone lines at night, and spending about one weekend a month actually together, which is as often as we could manage between finances and other commitments. On one of her first trips down, she gave me a copy of a mix-CD that included this wonderful song, and it quickly became a talisman for us. (I eventually leanred to play it, so that I could sing it to her myself.) Here’s Anne Hills, with “Follow That Road”.


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  1. Laura Gallagher

    Awww, that’s sweet.

  2. Heather Munn

    Wedding as defined by Special Day, Focus Is All on The Woman, and afterwards there is a Big Party With Lots of Music and Drinking:

  3. Jim Poltrone

    This was played at my wedding to Rebecca, at my request.

  4. T J Burnside Clapp

    Mitchell and I gave the band a break and performed his “I won’t sing any Bob Dylan” song at our wedding. It was pretty great. 😀 But one of the best wedding songs I know (at least for folks who have struggled to fit in for much of their lives … like, practically everyone I know) is Kathy Mar’s “Velveteen.” I brought folks to tears when I played that one at a friend’s wedding.

  5. Heather Stern

    I sang “grow old along with me” for a friend’s wedding, at the bride’s request, and was thrilled at the honor.

    The presentation passed from good and honorable straight into glory and legend when I used all of my formal AND informal training to carry it through regardless of the AV systems sincere efforts to not back me up.

    I was able to give the the AV guys my best smile Thanks For All Of IT I’m With Ya…

    They let it go, left it off and the rest, a capella, filled a church with hope and love.

    It still tears me up, in a good way ?

  6. Paul Kwinn

    Well, in slightly circuitous connection, I first heard Follow That Road on a Christine Lavin musicians weekend-type compilation. On another of those was a song that Beckett, especially, loved, and I tried to use it as a spiritual inspiration for the song I wrote for her. My song was God Bless the Artists. But its semi-inspiration (and a song I would use if w got married again) was this:

  7. Kathy Mar

    When we got married in April, Dean and I sang “One Hand, One Heart” from West Side Story as our vows.

  8. Erin Nappe Bellavia

    I’m going to create my own post for this one. I’ll tag you. ?

  9. Dell Christy

    I love the one that Bill Sutton and Brenda Sinclair Sutton wrote for a friend’s wedding. I can hear the tune in my head as type but can’t remember the words.

  10. Manny Jacobowitz

    At mine, we played “Kije’s Wedding.” My brother the classical musician just about fell out of his chair laughing. Nobody else got the joke. But which one I might have wanted to play and didn’t?

  11. Bruce Adelsohn

    It’s a little wonky, and maybe not full-on romantical, but I think it would have to be this. Because if I weren’t marrying my best friend (or one of them), I’d be in the wrong wedding.

  12. W Randy Hoffman

    If I were to ever get married at this stage of my life, one of the songs would have to be Etta James’ “At Last.”

  13. Andrea Dale

    Ooooo Rob could you send me the chords to that song? I have it on a compilation CD put together by Christine Lavin.

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