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30 Day Song Challenge – Day 6 – A Song That Makes You Want To Dance

Day Six of our challenge asks me to post a song that makes me want to dance. A lot of songs make me want to dance.  I enjoy dancing, for all that I’m not very good at it. 🙂  But the first song to pop into my head is this joyful number from the B-52’s 1989 album “Cosmic Thing”, so that’s my pick for today.


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  1. Laura Gallagher

    When I was younger and healthier, I’d put this on and turn the volume up and dance around my living room like mad, alone. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pq82YXcQWzk

  2. Jennifer Diamond

    I’ve danced to this one professionally: https://youtu.be/AFSx9fE1qJ8

  3. Elaine Roberson

    Dancing on the Ceiling -- Lionel Richie

  4. Jim Poltrone

    This one’s for a different type of dancing.

  5. Amelia Edwards

    This one is fun to make small children dance to, all you have to do is give them a bunch of fluttery scarves and let them go…

  6. Marcos Duran

    Lots of good choices from the B-52’s catalog. Roam is great and topical!

  7. Juanita Coulson

    ZZTop doin’ “Can’t Stop Rockin'”.

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