Gwnewch y pethau bychain

Rhymes of Fashion

Rhymes of Fashion
by Rob Wynne and Jeff Williams
TTTO: “We Will Rock You” by Queen

Buddy you’re a hard shoe, cheap shoe,
Plastic on your feet so you stomp in the puddles, yeah
You got mud on your strap, you piece of crap
But you sell because you’re cheaper than an iPhone app

We will, we will CROC YOU!(Wear it, uh…)
We will, we will CROC YOU!

Buddy you’re an apron, draped on,
Hang down to your knees so you don’t get the stain on you
You got paint in your hair, but you don’t care
Cuz you know it won’t get on to your clothes under there

We will, we will SMOCK YOU
We will, we will SMOCK YOU

Buddy, you’re a cheap robe, wardrobe
Fitting for a priest or a monk from the Middle Age
You got rope for a belt
Never look svelte
Even when you’re made from furry animal pelts

We will, we will FROCK YOU
We will, we will FROCK YOU

This is the sort of thing that happens when Jeff Williams and I get bored in chat…


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  1. Callie

    This reminds me of T.J. and Mitch’s parody of “Cocaine”, which I heard at the 2015 WorldCon in … Spo-kaine 🙂

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