He’s Right Behind You
by Rob Wynne
(TTTO: “Theme From Spider-Man (1967)“)

Slender man, Slender man
Faceless dude with a snow white tan
In the woods, late at night
Suddenly, you die of fright
Look out, here comes the slender man

Is he real? Listen guy
He’s a thing, but we don’t know why
Shadows lurk, noises sound
Once you’re lost, you can’t be found
Beware, here comes the slender man

When the moon is clear
And you’re losing your mind
Like a ghost of fear
He appears close behind

Slender man, slender man
Creepy neighbourhood slender man
All your locks he’s ignored
One thing’s sure, you won’t be bored

Look out! Life is a thing that’s ending
Your psyche won’t be mending
You met the slender maaaaaaaan

My brain. Sometimes I just don’t know.  This popped into my head nearly completely formed shortly after listening to the episode of Tom Merritt and Molly Wood’s excellent podcast ‘It’s A  Thing’ which featured the Slender Man phenomenon.