Gwnewch y pethau bychain

Now Why Would I Ever Stop Doing This?

Actual conversations at my house:

Me: “So, sure, lots of people know that’s called a ball-peen hammer, but they may not know that it’s called that because the peen of the hammer is shaped like a ball, rather than it just being a weird name for a hammer.
Her: “Right, it could have been invented by Joe Ballpeen.”
Me: “A claw hammer is technically a claw-peen hammer. All hammers have a peen”
Her: “True, true.”
Me: “All boy hammers do, at least.”
Her: “What would a girl hammer look like?”


Sleeping on a planter at the Port Authority…


Gafilk announces 2013 Super Secret Guest: Larry Niven


  1. Well, the sledgehammer was obviously invented by Percy “When A Man Breaks Up Concrete” Sledge.

  2. I always assumed Ball Peen Hammer was MC’s little brother.

    Kate adds a girl hammer is a socket wrench.

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