Gwnewch y pethau bychain

Sleeping on a planter at the Port Authority…

I’m often amused to see what Twitter bots follow you based on what you post there. All manner of random commercial enterprises have suddenly followed me after a casual(and often completely devoid of context) reference to a product, place, or activity. Tourism sites, personal trainers, rap DJs…its like a bizarre form of bingo where no one ever wins anything.

This happens to a lesser degree on Livejournal, particularly if you haven’t disabled anonymous comments. But it’s fairly uncommon, at least enough so that I never really gave it a lot of thought, until this particular post began to attract the spambots. I’ve deleted at least five in the last couple of weeks.

I wonder what there is about my amusing but inconsequential exchange with a drugstore clerk has attracted so much interest from the sub-sentient crawlers of the blogosphere? Most of them seem to be trying to sell me knock-off designer clothing or boots, which makes me suspect it was the paragraph about looking for vests. But their persistence is puzzling.


So I Turned Myself To Face Me


Now Why Would I Ever Stop Doing This?


  1. They’re very sporadic and intermittent, which is why the fascination with that one post was bemusing.

    • Once a spammer finds a post that accepts comments, he’ll keep returning to it. I finally just disabled anonymous comments, because I was tired of deleting them.

      • Yeah, but in the pats, one pops up, i delete it, and never hear from them again.

        This one keeps coming back to tag the same point. I just find it odd.

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