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Gafilk announces 2013 Super Secret Guest: Larry Niven

Author Larry Niven has won Hugos (five of them) and a Nebula, and various other awards for his stories, including Ringworld and 50 other books. He co-authored The Mote in God’s Eye and Lucifer’s Hammer, and edited the Man-Kzin War series. He also loves filk music. He goes out of his way to attend filk conventions on the west coast, not seeking any attention, not asking for any of the perks that authors usually expect like readings and signings. He goes to filk cons because he wants to hear this music.

Misty Lackey even created a game around Larry’s love of filk called “Make Larry Cry”. It’s not very hard to do. You just write a beautiful melody and fill it with poignant, compelling lyrics…and make sure that the science is at the very least plausible, and sing it to Larry. (Ask Bill Sutton about his humbling attempt to win the contest with Pilot’s Eyes.)

Mendel’s Rules do apply, so we shouldn’t be too surprised that there are other filkers in the Niven closet. In fact, you’ll be enjoying the song styling of Larry’s filking nephew, Tim Griffin, at the ConCom’s Choice concert. (Who knew!?!) Larry Niven is very approachable, enjoys a good conversation, and contributes to the circle in his own delightful ways. We’re extremely happy to have him as Super Secret Guest for GAFilk 2013.

You can get more information (and buy your membership!) at


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  1. Oh! Larry is so much fun, and such a nice man. I always enjoy him. I know you’ll all have a great time!

  2. Any idea if we can get him to sing “Superman Sex Life Boogie”???

  3. I confess I’m not a very good science fiction fan. I rarely am familiar with the big-name guest at conventions--even the big ones. Largely because I did most of my reading in the 1970’s and started attending cons this century. So I’m rather amazed--not only had I heard of GAFilk’s Sooper Sekrit guest before I was into filk, but I’d even read some of his stuff. I feel considerably less out of the loop that usual!

  4. Excellent!

    It should be pointed out that it can be just as much fun to make Larry laugh. Several Balticons back he was GOH and turned up one evening in the filk room. I sang Jonathan Turner’s “Witnesses Walloped” parody, which makes fun of all the extras who get snuffed out in movies with giant meteors. Larry just about fell off his chair laughing. 😎

  5. Tim Griffin has been a regular at San Diego and LA cons for years. I think he will be a hit at GaFilk.

  6. When I lived in Los Angeles

    I had the pleasure of filking with Larry from time to time. He was truly a gentleman and a joy just to filk with.

  7. wow, didn’t know tim griffin was niven’s nephew!

  8. Wow! TWO truly excellent guests. I am suitably impressed, and looking forward to a great con.

  9. Very sorry to be missing GaFilk this year.
    Tim Griffin is indeed wonderful; I’ve chatted with him a bunch at a couple of western-US cons.
    I may have read more books by Larry Niven than by any other single author.

    And now, my favorite conversation from ConChord 2008, where I was Interfilk guest:
    Me to Kathleen Sloan: “Kathleen, who’s that guy in back… the one who looks like Larry Niven?”
    Kathleen: “That’s Larry Niven.”

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