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This is awesome. I want one. Old to New: Typewriters

Last week I stumbled upon the USB Typewriter etsy shop and my jaw dropped! Jack Zylkin has invented a Typewriter Convertor process that turns any manual typewriter into a keyboard for your computer! He sells ready to purchase typewriters or you can buy a kit and do it yourself! I think these would be awesome for hotel/B&B lobby computers or electronic guestbooks at a shop… something memorable to catch your eye! Or if you’re a modern Angela Landsbury, use it for writing a book the semi-old school way!


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  1. The gadgetry is impressive, but I sure wouldn’t want to use one. Typing on an old manual is hard work.

  2. This looks like the answer to those wanting a suitable looking Steampunk set up 🙂

  3. Oddly enough, I still have my first typewriter, which doubled as my first printer. A Brother electronic ( with interchangeable daisy-wheels for different “fonts” ), it has an interface box which allowed me to plug my TI99-4A into the back and laboriously print out documents from the word-processor clear back in 1985. I think perhaps a dozen college papers were printed that way before I admitted to myself that it was simpler to just type them directly onto the paper and edit manually.

  4. I am in big trouble.

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