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Resource Furniture

This is some amazing stuff. I haven’t quite dared look at the prices yet, but if it works nearly as well as the demo, holy moley.


A Month of TV Commentary: A Meme in 30 Parts: Day 17

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  1. that is seriously cool

  2. have you seen Gary Chang’s Hong Kong apartment?

    • I had not! That’s fabulous!

      (I do wonder why they felt the need to subtitle him? His English was superb, and I had no troubles understanding him.)

  3. My husband and I own oak side tables and coffee tables that flex up like the ones in the video to comfortable writing surfaces. I use mine to grade in front of the TV. These look more streamlined than mine, though.

  4. I wonder if he didn’t get some of his ideas from sleeping cars on trains.

  5. I have a study bed -- see which has transformed our smallest bedroom into a multi-purpose space where I can sleep or work from home or do my sewing and ironing! I *love* convertible beds -- the space taken up by beds is wasted during most of the day.

  6. whoa, that’s brilliant stuff

  7. Wow. *want*
    I could do so much in my apt with some of those pieces. Except that they’re all very modern looking, beautifully streamlined, and my place is old, with a different aesthetic…

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