Gwnewch y pethau bychain

From Twitter 10-07-2010

  • 08:39:31: @seananmcguire It’s your world. I’m just happy I get to live in it.
  • 14:44:34: @catvalente The domain name “” is available for your ironic utilisation. 🙂
  • 14:55:55: @alydenisof My favourite odd crisps flavour is prawn. 🙂
  • 15:08:01: @fleetfootmike Its odd only in the sense that we don’t have it here, and an American was asking for examples of UK weird crisps flavours.
  • 15:08:26: @fleetfootmike Frankly, I wish we *could* get it here. It’s a long trip just for a pack of crisps!
  • 15:50:48: @vixy The Revolution Will Be Live-Streamed!

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  1. I’d love it if you cut-tagged these.

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