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Neil Gaiman speaks about Doctor Who and Coraline

Right here, you will find the quintessential essence of a good thriller:

“I was terrified, but I wanted to know what happened next.”

Neil Gaiman divulges ‘Doctor Who’ clues |

The girls proved Gaiman right, listening with faces more eager than petrified, and the book went on to claim the loyalty of children around the world, winning two awards (a Hugo and Nebula) and a movie contract, before becoming a musical. At the off-Broadway premiere of the show, Gaiman learned what Morgan DeFoire, seated beside him, had really thought of Coraline.

“I told her, ‘You know, we kind of have you to thank for all this, because you weren’t scared by it. And she said, ‘Actually, I was terrified. But I wanted to know what happened next. I knew if I let anybody know I was scared, I wouldn’t find out.’”


What ‘Batman’ Taught Me About Being a Good Dad – Adam Rogers – Culture – The Atlantic


From Twitter 10-07-2010

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  1. That’s me with Stieg Larsson’s Millennium trilogy (The Girl Who…). BTW, “Millennium” refers to an alternative magazine that the hero and his friends founded.

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