• 07:39:14: @Knitronomicon Seeing the word “boobs” and the word “scaffolding” in the same tweet sends my mind rabbiting off down interesting paths.
  • 11:25:59: @seananmcguire I’ve sampled what passes for confectionery in Australia. I’d say you were being wise.
  • 11:40:47: @aiela Oh, huzzah. I was actually thinking of bit-torrenting it just because of the editing, but that means I can just TiVo it instead. 🙂
  • 11:56:05: @twMaize I’ve been very fond of Twitterrific: http://www.twitterrific.com/
  • 13:29:48: “There’s always goals. If you don’t have a mountain, build one and then climb it.” –Sylvester Stallone
  • 14:53:04: @Randydeluxe First rule of marketing. Be where the people are.

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