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Karazhan Tonight

Karazhan Tonight
by Rob Wynne
TTTO: “Comedy Tonight” by Stephen Sondheim

Epics drop for us
Badges of Justice
Something for everyone
in Karazhan tonight!

Attuman’s crossbow
Malchezaar’s longbow
Something for everyone
in Karazhan tonight!

Nothing but ghosts, nothing that’s real
Clear out Morose then sit for a meal

Dance with the undead
Tier 4 for your head
Ten bosses for the raid to fight!
Serpentshrine tomorrow
Karazhan tonight!

Two tanks, three healers
Five damage dealers
Something for everyone
in Karazhan tonight

Uni-mind Headdress
Quick break to play chess
Something for everyone
in Karazhan tonight

Shade of Aran’s the Master’s sire
Only this one time: stand in the fire

Maiden’s been cleaned up
Opera is next up
Hope it isn’t Romulo tonight!
Bring up the curtain
Karazhan tonight!

Boots of Fortelling
Bands of Indwelling
Something for everyone
in Karazhan tonignt!

Illhoof has gold chains
Charred earth from Nightbane
Something for everyone
in Karazhan tonight!

[Entire raid]
Epics drop for us
Badges of Justice
Something for everyone
in Karazhan tonight!

Each drops an upgrade
Repair bill prepaid

[Raid leader]
Something for everyone!

[Entire raid]
Karazhan tonight!

Nothing too hard

Grinding reprieve

[Raid leader]
Go get your key from Master Medivh

Four hours clears it

And it appears it’s

Full of purple loot that’s out of sight!

Pantaloons and Pendants!

Drape of the Mysticant!

The King’s Defender!

Mitts of Treemender!


Garona’s Ring!



Forest Lord!

Waist cord!



[Raid leader]

[Entire Raid]
All of this gear is somewhat antique
And we’ll be back Tuesday next week!

It’s old and dusty
Some of it’s rusty
But the treasure’s certain to delight!
Tempest Keep tomorrow
Karazhan tonight!

When writing about topical things, there is always a danger of your work being “overtaken by events”, which is to say made obsolete by the world changing over the course of time. I wrote this months and months ago, when it was more topical than nostalgic.

But, as we take our first exploratory steps into Naxxramas, high above the snowy valleys of Northrend, let’s remember those heady days when the place to be was Deadwind Pass.


Random Poetry meme


Gafilk: Room Block closing soon


  1. That is awesome. and the reprieve/Medivh rhyme rocks.

  2. Only this one time: stand in the fire

    Producing the bad habits that drove a thousand Raid Leaders to drink. 🙂

    • *grin* That’s actually my favourite thing about the Shade of Aran fight — we spend all this team teaching newbie raiders not to stand in the fire, and then they throw this curveball at you. 🙂

  3. I’ve never played that game but the song still communicates well enough it’s fully enjoyable. COOL!

    • Oh good! Of the three WoW related filks I’ve written, this is probably the most opaque to people who don’t play the game, which is one of the reasons I’d never gotten around to posting it before. 🙂

  4. I love it! And I *miss* Karazhan SO SO very much. I loved the weekly dance!

    • Karazhan is definitely my favourite raid instance in TBC. We’ve started raiding Naxxramas this week (3/3 Spiders, 1/3 Military, 1/3 Construct, 0/3 Plague, so far).

  5. and, of course, you’re performing it Saturday night, yes?

    • Probably not. 🙂 I’m not sure it’s the right audience for it. 🙂

      • I don’t think

        anyone would mind if they didn’t understand the source. For instance, over at Hidden Frontier, someone’s started to write HF filk (not me, unfortunately), and I might bring some lyrics to sing at the fest. Not that I sing that much these days……………..

        • Re: I don’t think

          It’s not so much that I think people would mind. I’m just not thinking that it’s going to be especially….meaningful?…to people who don’t play World of Warcraft. It’s full of specific in-jokes that won’t make sense to people who don’t play the game, and they’re left with a feeling of “I know that’s funny but I don’t know why.”

  6. I can still remember a filk I went to with my brother in Ohio. There where loads of songs with “in jokes” and content I didnt understand but I still enjoyed the what I was hearing

    • Nod. Thing is, though, if you do a song in front of 800 people and 200 of them get it, you get a good laugh and the audience tends to go along with that. If you do it in front of 4 people and only 1 of them gets it, it tends to be a bit flat.

      It’s just a matter of selecting the best material for the audience.

      Also, to do this one right, I’d need more than just myself. (really need at least 10 people do do the chorus properly)

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