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Month: December 2008

Gafilk: Room Block closing soon

This is just a reminder that the Gafilk room block closes on December 17th. If you have not yet made your hotel reservations, please do so now, to ensure that you can get the convention rate.

If you have any difficulties with reservations, please contact me directly.

Feel free to repost this to other mailing lists and forums where it may be of interest.

Karazhan Tonight

Karazhan Tonight
by Rob Wynne
TTTO: “Comedy Tonight” by Stephen Sondheim

Epics drop for us
Badges of Justice
Something for everyone
in Karazhan tonight!

Attuman’s crossbow
Malchezaar’s longbow
Something for everyone
in Karazhan tonight!

Nothing but ghosts, nothing that’s real
Clear out Morose then sit for a meal

Dance with the undead
Tier 4 for your head
Ten bosses for the raid to fight!
Serpentshrine tomorrow
Karazhan tonight!

Two tanks, three healers
Five damage dealers
Something for everyone
in Karazhan tonight

Uni-mind Headdress
Quick break to play chess
Something for everyone
in Karazhan tonight

Shade of Aran’s the Master’s sire
Only this one time: stand in the fire

Maiden’s been cleaned up
Opera is next up
Hope it isn’t Romulo tonight!
Bring up the curtain
Karazhan tonight!

Boots of Fortelling
Bands of Indwelling
Something for everyone
in Karazhan tonignt!

Illhoof has gold chains
Charred earth from Nightbane
Something for everyone
in Karazhan tonight!

[Entire raid]
Epics drop for us
Badges of Justice
Something for everyone
in Karazhan tonight!

Each drops an upgrade
Repair bill prepaid

[Raid leader]
Something for everyone!

[Entire raid]
Karazhan tonight!

Nothing too hard

Grinding reprieve

[Raid leader]
Go get your key from Master Medivh

Four hours clears it

And it appears it’s

Full of purple loot that’s out of sight!

Pantaloons and Pendants!

Drape of the Mysticant!

The King’s Defender!

Mitts of Treemender!


Garona’s Ring!



Forest Lord!

Waist cord!



[Raid leader]

[Entire Raid]
All of this gear is somewhat antique
And we’ll be back Tuesday next week!

It’s old and dusty
Some of it’s rusty
But the treasure’s certain to delight!
Tempest Keep tomorrow
Karazhan tonight!

When writing about topical things, there is always a danger of your work being “overtaken by events”, which is to say made obsolete by the world changing over the course of time. I wrote this months and months ago, when it was more topical than nostalgic.

But, as we take our first exploratory steps into Naxxramas, high above the snowy valleys of Northrend, let’s remember those heady days when the place to be was Deadwind Pass.

Random Poetry meme

Seen various places by now. Put your music player on shuffle, and write down the first line of the first twenty songs. Post the poem that results. The first line of the twenty-first song is the title.

This almost makes sense. Not quite, I don’t think. But almost. (Good thing i didn’t decide to do the “Guess the 20 songs” meme instead…)

Nothing’s Gone The Way I Planned
by Robs Itunes Library

Every young boy wants to die.
I’m sitting here, in the abandoned brain;
Outside there’s a box car waiting.
I’ve this creeping suspicion that things here are not as they seem.

Don’t call on me when you’re feeling footloose.
As you look around this room tonight,
New cities by the sea
Between a father and a son.

We had an apartment in the city.
I like to walk in the summer breeze.
Soft the gentle weeping,
Nine dollars, two cents, no money, no rent.

When I first met her, it was a sunny spring time morn.
You know something girl? I’m thinking about you right now.
Living on a lighted stage approaches the unreal:
Mr. Willoughby, whose only luxury is the sugar in his tea .

And it’s by the hush, me boys;
Rainy road into Atlanta – time is truly crawling by.
Say what you will, I will miss you my friends.
Come away, leave the day, fall into a dream.

Gafilk Super Secret Guests: Emma Bull and Will Shetterly!

Our Super Secret Guests are…

Emma Bull and Will Shetterly!

Emma Bull is a science fiction and fantasy author whose best-known novel is War for the Oaks, one of the pioneering works of urban fantasy. She wrote the screenplay and played a cameo role for War for the Oaks when it was made into an 11-minute mini-film designed to look like a film trailer. Her 1991 post-apocalyptic science fiction novel Bone Dance was nominated for the Hugo, Nebula, and World Fantasy Awards, followed by her 1994 novel Finder, set in Terri Windling’s Borderland shared universe. Along with filker Nate Bucklin, Emma and husband Will Shetterly were members of the writing group The Scribblies, which also included Pamela Dean, Kara Dalkey, Patricia Wrede and Steven Brust. With Steven Brust, Bull wrote Freedom and Necessity in 1997, an epistolary novel with subtle fantasy elements set during the 19th century United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland Chartist movement. She sang in the rock-funk band Cats Laughing, and both sang and played guitar in the folk duo The Flash Girls while living in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Will Shetterly is an American fantasy and comic book writer best-known for his 1997 novel Dogland, inspired by his childhood at the tourist attraction Dog Land owned by his parents. In 1991 Will won the Minnesota Book Award for Fantasy and Science Fiction for his novel Elsewhere, and was a finalist with Nevernever; both books are set in Terri Windling’s The Borderland Series shared universe. He has also written short stories for various Borderland anthologies. Shetterly created the comic book character Captain Confederacy, played a small role in the film Toxic Zombies, and ran for governor of Minnesota in 1994 on the Grassroots Party ticket. He placed third out of six candidates. Together Will Shetterly and Emma Bull created and edited the five anthologies in the Liavek shared universe.

Emma and Will currently live in Arizona.

You can get more information about Gafilk at our website at

Link Digest

Various links collected over the last couple of weeks. These were originally posted to my Twitter account.

Politics – US National

Politics – LGBT Edition


I take it all back…

I’ve signed up for various social network sites, though to date LiveJournal is the only one I actually use with any stunning regularity. And in the past, I’ve particularly made disparaging comments about Facebook, saying “I don’t really know what it’s for.” and complained that it mostly seemed to be for spamming other people with quizzes and other fluff.

Well, I would like to redact all my statements from the past about the uselessness of Facebook, as it has within the last two weeks reconnected me with two dear friends I had lot complete track of.

Deanya was a college student working at Waldenbooks when she noticed a couple of high school kids browsing the science fiction section and struck up a conversation. On learning that these two kids were into role playing games, she mentioned the gaming club she and her husband were members of, and invited us to drop by and check it out. Thus began my (and Jeff (hejira2006)’s) association with the Carolina Game Club, and introduced me to a number of great people and quite a number of great games. I lost touch with most of those folks after I moved to Georgia, sadly. Just a few days ago, Jeff and I were chatting on IM and an old gaming-related joke from those days came up, and I wondered out loud “I wonder whatever became of Deanya?”, so I did a little searching and found her Facebook profile. A few days later we were chatting on IM and catching up on the last 20 years, like no time had passed at all.

Once I moved to Georgia, I got a job working in a fundraising call centre (I’m not proud of this, but we were desperately broke at the time and it paid very well. Sorry for interrupting your dinner….) and I met a guy who introduced me to MUDs. Lacking actual home Internet service at the time (this was late 1991/early 1992), I would go and use computers in the Macintosh labs at the University of Georgia campus. (Not being a student meant I didn’t have an account with the University, but no one ever really checked.) It was there I met a lovely lab assistant named Cat, who told me about a MUD that she and her friends were developing, if I was interested in checking it out. Not long after that, the MUD I was playing (Apocalypse II) lost it’s site, so I logged into Cat’s new MUD, JediMUD. Thus began an association with a game that would bring me friends, chosen family, and more than one love affair. Unfortunately, right around the time that kitanzi moved down to Georgia, Cat disappeared and all of us lost touch with her.

Today when I got back from lunch, I was surprised and delighted to see the following in my inbox: “Cat [Lastname] has added you as a friend on Facebook.”

So, you know, Facebook is just all right with me. I’m still not sure how to use it. But i know now what it’s for. It’s for drawing the parts of your world that had falling a bit far away closer to you again. And that’s a good thing.

(God help me, I’m starting to understand the allure of Twitter, too. But that’s another post…)

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