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Link Digest

Various links collected over the last couple of weeks. These were originally posted to my Twitter account.

Politics – US National

Politics – LGBT Edition



I take it all back…


Gafilk Super Secret Guests: Emma Bull and Will Shetterly!


  1. Great pics from ZeFrank -- but what is the significance of “52” and “48”? I had thought it meant the percentages of voters who voted for Obama and McCain, respectively, but the messages in the pics seem to contradict that notion in spots.

  2. I really like for saving links. Easy one step click. You can index them and see what kinds of cool stuff friends or interesting people are saving also.

  3. Henry Alford is polite so that you don’t have to be.

    Welcome to being Canadian! We do that all the time. I’m not sure we could stop if we wanted to.

  4. The article you mention is about the roots of modern conservatism. The Republican Party is much older than either McCarthy or Goldwater.

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