Gwnewch y pethau bychain

RIP Lois Mangan

I very much want to believe right now that the traditional vision of Heaven that we were taught in Sunday school, with the clouds and the angels with halos and such, is real.

Because if it is real, I know that right this very moment Lois Mangan is pushing her way to the front of the Celestial choir and handing out NESFA hymnals to the heavenly host.

Requiscat in Pace, Lois.  You are greatly missed, but never forgotten.


Pointless whinging.


Oh yes


  1. She surely is, she surely is.

  2. I just saw this post, linked from browngirl’s, and MUST thank you for it. Lois will be missed, and I couldn’t help by envision her rolling by the members of the Heavenly Choir, with a little U-Haul tack-on trailer full of NESFA hymnals towed along behind, passing them out . . . I actually gave a hearty laugh out loud, comforted both by the appropriateness of the vision, and the firm conviction that Lois must be smiling and laughing herself . . . and probably ordering up a trailer is she hadn’t done so already.

    Thanks. I know I for one needed that!


  3. Thank you, I needed a smile.

  4. This is just to say that your comment about Lois has been much repeated here, and has indeed become a staple of people’s view of her death.

    Thank you, as always, for being you.

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