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Pointless whinging.

What follows is probably mostly whinging and self-pity. But it’s my journal, and I get to use it for stuff like that sometimes.

Movie night gatherings have always been small. But we’ve looked forward to them because they meant socializing with friends we don’t see often enough, and the films are usually entertaining if not outright thought provoking.

But, for the second month in a row, it hasn’t really happened. People certainly have other things to do, and I don’t want anyone to feel an obligation to come watch DVDs with us. But I admit that I’m kinda bummed at the lack of turnout last night, when no one showed up. We managed to find ways to entertain ourselves (ahem), and we ate all the muffins that kitanzi had made for the gathering, but….meh.

Then, this morning, we discovered that kitanzi‘s computer had died. We had a power outage last night, and I’m guessing that either the power supply or the motherboard is toast. It starts to power on, and within a second or two just powers off. No beeps, no nothing. I tried to take it today to the shop that built it (I don’t have the tools for that kind of low-level hardware troubleshooting) and found they had moved. (I’ve since relocated them, but I wasn’t happy since I was using part of my lunch break to try and drop it off — now I have to do that after work.

I *had* been planning on getting a new TV with my government stimulus cheque. Had one all picked out, too. But….now i’m feeling that I shouldn’t, and should do other things with instead – or even nothing at all. Every time I firmly decide which way I’m going on the issue, I immediately regret the decision and waffle again.

I keep reading this and thinking “Meh. Hardly worth being blah about.” There are people on my friends list having lousier weeks than I am, even with all the work stress, and my problems are more angst than any real crisis that requires solving. But I’m going to post it anyway, because it’s what’s on my mind right now. Thanks for reading it.




RIP Lois Mangan


  1. Check the CPU fan. The symptoms you describe would occur if the CPU fan is not turning (or the motherboard thinks it is not) and the MB shuts down power to prevent damage to the CPU.

  2. *hug* That’s definitely annoying. Sometimes the little things building up are as bad as any big one thing. So definitely post -- we want to know about it, even if you feel like it isn’t a huge deal compared to other people’s problems. *hughug*

  3. I’m sorry that your week is just being so shitty.

  4. If it’s a problem for you, it’s a problem.

    *great big hugs* I hope the computer problem can be easily dealt with. And I hope my virtual hugs can hold you over for another month or so.


  5. *hugs* Even if someone else might be having a suckier week, that’s no reason you have to keep quiet.

  6. All of that would make me sad too. *Hugs*

  7. a small suggestion?

    Next time you have some trouble like that, my brother-in-law is heavily into that sorta stuff (having done it now for over 20 years) and might be able to help save you $$ on replacement parts.

    By the way, I wouldn’t mind being able to come to your humble abode for a movie night -- how many cats do you have (am unable to get the benadryl anymore)?

    • Re: a small suggestion?

      I appreciate that. A lot of stuff I can replace myself, but I don’t feel like going through the “swap and check” routine right now, so I’m just going to let the shop that built it have a crack. I was mostly just momentarily put out that they weren’t where they used to be and I didn’t know where to find them.

      We have two cats, who pretty much have the run of the house, I’m afraid. If we continue to hold movie night, its the first Wednesday of the month.

  8. *hugs* Wish they’d get that teleport thing working so I could join you folks for movie night. (There’s the little time zone issue too, but heck, once the teleporter’s working, I’m sure we’ll find a solution to a little thing like a 5-hour time shift.)

  9. When all the little things gang up on you, they can lay you low just as easily as big things.

  10. Being nibbled to death by ducks is no less annoying and painful than having a weight dropped on you.

    Since you are a computer guy with multiple systems, a POST analyzer is probably not the worst investment you could make. It tends to tell you just how far everything got before it died out.

  11. *hugs*

    Wanna come up and help herd small children, Unca Rob? I promise you won’t be bored, lonely, or lack for early-morning company. 😉

  12. (a) Doesn’t matter about other people’s stuff. Your stuff is as annoying as it is, without calibrating to other people’s annoyances/woes.

    (b) Hope the computer stuff works out without more nuisances (and is affordable, however it gets fixed).

    (c) Sorry movie night is too far for me to make it.

    (d) Undersleptness can make it all seem worse, or mean you have less cope than usual. I hope you got caught up after the work you had to do on the weekend…


  13. Sorry you’re having a crappy week. I know the feeling, especially the part about having had plans for a chunk of money, and then feeling like you should change your plans for the money, but not really wanting to, and feeling bad that you don’t want to, and… blah, blah, blah. At least, that’s how I feel when I get into a situation like that.

    Sucks being responsible. Or feeling like you have to be, even when you were really looking forward to the fun thing…

    • Meh. It’s delayed gratification, not denial. But I wanted *instant* gratification (just add money).

  14. That’s some trick, getting a $1500 TV with a $600 check. 😉

    *smooch* Hope you feel better soon.

    • Well, $1200. There’s two of us, and it was going to be a shared possession.

      I’m sure I will. Every now and again you have to give yourself permission to just feel sorry for yourself. It’s only a problem if you make a habit of it. 🙂

  15. *huggles you*

  16. People talk about straws and camelbacks, but I prefer what Eliot said: “I will show you fear in a handful of dust.” It’s the little things that start accumulating and next thing you know you’re drowning in a deluge of small annoyances.

    I’d come over and watch DVDs with you two anyday, you know that. I myself have way too many DVDs to catch up on and no time to watch all of them. I’m not sure if that’s a sign that I’m too busy or if it’s a sign that I should stop buying DVDs.

    If you believe Bush, the entire point of the stimulus package is for you to buy something and support the US economy by voodoo, so if you don’t really need the cash, go and spend it. Retail therapy helps me sometimes.

  17. Oh, man, HUGS HUGS HUGS. I know what you mean about the “hardly worth being blah about” thing. Today I got extremely depressed because we didn’t get back in time to get a free couch, someone else beat us to it. Got me all unhappy about the 12 year old crappy couch breaking down, which led me off on all the other household things that are broken that I can’t replace.

    I got much soothing from my loves, I’m glad to say. I hope you do too.

    Have something that makes you feel better and get some good sleep and hey, , would you give him an extra-special hug specifically from me, pretty please?

  18. *hugs* I know *EXACTLY* how you feel. I’ve been having the same sort of smothering from the small stuff. I find that when I just sit down and type it out in my journal, even if no one reads it, I feel better. So here’s hoping that getting it all out made you feel better too!

  19. Read and understood. Commisserations. I get that dilemma too. Wish I could stop planning ahead but don’t seem able to.


  20. If only we could bag (whisper) siiiiiiiileeeeeeence…..

    Meh. I’m playing Marmalade over and over now.

    But, your icon.

    Gold prices are at their ridiculous level now.

  21. Being nibbled to death by ducks is no less annoying and painful than having a weight dropped on you.

    Yeah, what said. It is annoying, and I’m sad it happened. Hope things get better soon! **HUG**

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